Monday, April 29, 2013


1. Goodbye April! I am so over you. I know there is still one full day ahead of me, but I am so ready for May. You know what the first weekend of May is bringing me... absolutely nothing, just a whole weekend to relax.

2. This past weekend went by in the blink of an eye and left me feeling like I was walking at Disneyland for 48 hours (as my cousin described it). We spent most of the day, and night, Saturday preparing for her party on Sunday. And then on Sunday we were just busy busy busy from the second we woke up until the second we went to bed. So busy, as a matter of fact, that not one of us took ANY pictures the whole weekend! How is that possible. Yeah, I'm definitely ready for next weekend.

3. And since May will not be as overwhelming as April I just might take Jenni up  on this challenge to Blog every day in May. She has some pretty good blog topics and I'm looking forward to writing about "some" of them. I'm planning on linking up with her only on days that I normally wouldn't post. Anyone else up for the challenge?

4. If you follow me on FB you already know that I'm in love with The Neighbourhood right now.  Just thought I'd mention it AGAIN.
I hope you all have an amazing May... Yay for May!... I couldn't resist.

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