Friday, June 28, 2013

diy leaf fan for a luau

I'm pretty excited to share this simple leaf fan just in time for all the upcoming summer Luau parties.

supplies needed:
1/8" wide ribbon (only because it's the cheapest at .50 cents a spool), faux leaves (I got mine from the dollar tree in a bunch, each bunch came with 5 leaves), scissors and wire cutters (if you have a bunch and not individual).

1. gather your individual leaves (use wire cutters if they are on a bunch)

2. cut ribbon approx. 2.5' long

3. tie a knot starting at the top of the stem and start to criss-cross the ribbon around the stem working your way down.

4. tie a knot at the bottom of the stem and criss-cross back up to your starting point.

5. tie a bow and your done!

These little fans are such a cute touch for a luau. What better way to keep cool at a party.
Do you have any cute, "simple" luau ideas I need to know about?


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

summer love

Can I tell you how excited I am about this summer. I literally want to soak it up, everything it has to offer. I want to enjoy sunsets, splash around in water, read a book in the sand, wear flowers in my hair, enjoy everything pretty and just relax. I have to admit that I have no idea when I will get to do ANY of this, but I plan to make it a goal to do 1... just 1 summery thing a week. I really want to make a pretty beach cover-up, paint my nails in bright colors and try my hand at some homemade clean living products (Kinsey shares the best)

What are you looking forward to most this summer?
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Monday, June 24, 2013

weekend refresh

being with family (but missing my babe)
new converse (which I can't wait to share in an outfit post)
Sephora samples
DVR and cheesy romance movies
I'd say I had a pretty relaxed weekend....
mission accomplished!
Hope you all feel refreshed for the week ahead!
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Friday, June 21, 2013

stress free weekend ahead

I feel like I go through waves with feeling so overwhelmed and exhausted, whether at home or at work, or worse... both. The past 2 weeks it has been both.

Work is always stressful, but I have been taking on more responsibility and therefore have been a little more busier than usual, taking phone calls I normally wouldn't, answering emails, and taking the lead on extra meetings. Don't get me wrong, I love it. I love that I am being trusted with these responsibilities that will one day lead to me being in a position I have been wanting to be in for years.

But then after all of that, all day, I come home to this:
babe is playing in the backyard and runs to the side gate when he hears me pull up, I try to say hi but he immediately runs off, so I go inside but then I hear him crying and screaming because he wants to say hi to me "through the gate". After I convince him to come in to say hi (15 min.s later), we then begin a back and forth of "I want milk", "did you eat dinner", "I DON'T want dinner, I WANT milk!", "ok, well you need to eat dinner". And this goes on for another 15-30 min.s. And THEN we have a back and forth about his toys that are scattered all over the living room. It drives me crazy, I don't know what to do. I try to stay as calm and as patient as possible (which if you saw my 3 worst traits post, you know patience is not easy for me)... have you ever tried reasoning with a 4 year old?! Impossible!

I'm exhausted, super exhausted. I need want a drink ... I want to sleep in until 9:00am ... I don't want to have a care in the world. I'm hoping this weekend will bring just that. The boys are gone for a few days and other than a birthday party on Saturday, I have no plans. I'm SO looking forward to some stress free time.

Plus... it's officially Summer! What better way to start my stress free weekend right!
And if you are looking for some summer inspiration or want to share some summer inspiration make sure to check out Life Unpublished next Wed. (June 26) for an awesome inspiration linkup... the topic, "Summer Love", suggested by me! I'm excited and hope some of you will linkup as well.

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

weekend wear

I miss the weekend! 
I'm ready for the work week to be over so I can run around in shorts again.
I love a pair that I can throw on without really thinking "what 'goes' with these", and this pair is perfect.
top: Q // shorts: JC Penny // shoes: Payless

I picked these up at JC Penny for about $12.50... not bad right.
Now I won't have to DIY my own lace trim shorts.
Shorts and wedges are the cutest combo! Since I'm a really short person, I feel like the wedge not only gives me height but also makes my legs look longer...
top and shorts: h&m // shoes: Payless

... however... that is just in my head, because after looking at the pictures,
my legs look the same

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Monday, June 17, 2013

random weekend

this past weekend:

1. I discovered that JC Penny is kind of awesome after a recent renovation.

2. babe sported this cute little bag every second that he wasn't "in" the house. It's currently available at Subway with the kids meal.

3. it was Fathers Day! I had asked my SIL if she could watch babe so that my husband and I could go out to eat. He picked a place that was so close to home, we could have walked (if I wasn't wearing wedges). When we got there, there was only 3 tables... and 2 were taken. So we decided to take it home. I asked if there was anywhere he wanted to go, but can you believe all he wanted to do was stay home and play a video game. I somehow convinced him we should go "somewhere!", so we went to the mall and ended up buying washi tape and a sports bra.... for me.... on Fathers Day! He even let me use a $4 credit he had for my sports bra. Gotta love him.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

pre-k and a funny poop story

1. Babe got into pre-k! For the past few months we have been stressing over "where" he would go, where "can" he go, and will they even have a pre-k program next fall. The school district has had a lot of budget cuts and it has been a waiting game to see if our local public school would offer pre-k. If not, we would have to decide if we would send him to a private school, which of course costs money... which we were really on the fence about for a hundred reasons. But luckily, the wondering and waiting is over and on Tuesday, August 13th babe will officially begin his school years.

I get teary eyed thinking about it. I want to snuggle him up and keep him in my arms forever. School is a whole new level for a kid that brings so many more experiences in his every day life. So for the next 2 months I'm going to try to soak in every moment I can... before he makes friends and decides we are not cool enough for him.

2. Want to hear a funny story that Babe told me...
Babe called me while I was at work and this was our conversation:
me: hello?
babe: hey moonie!
me: what did you just call me? (as I begin to laugh)
babe: (giggling) I said, hey moonie!
me: did your dad tell you to say that (still laughing)
babe: yeah, dad, she's so silly (he's now laughing too. and yes he said "she", which made me laugh more, even though he says "she", way more often than "he")
me: so what are doing?
babe: well, daddy just ate too much food. and he said he didn't feel good and that he had to poop. and so he pooped everywhere and there was a big mess and I just had to help him clean up the big mess.
me: what?!!!!! (as I am crying, because I am laughing so hard)
babe: yeah, he just pooped and made a mess.

OMG, I was dying... the things kids say. So this is what really happened: First of all, sometimes when my husband calls me, he says "hey wooty". I have NO idea why and it drives me crazy EVERY time. So when babe called me moonie, I knew he meant wooty.
On to the poop part: My husband was watching TV while babe was playing in his room with his "fake" food. He brought some out to my husband and then went back to his room to get more. Every time babe went back to his room, my husband put the fake food in his shirt. Eventually he said he didn't feel good and maybe had to poop. So when he stood up, all the food fell out of his shirt, which then created a "poop" mess that they had to clean up. And you thought my husband pooped everywhere... ha ha ha ... yeah, I thought so too for a second when babe told the story.

And now that I have exhausted the word poop, I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

dream home

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE houses. I'm obsessed! It's how I became a drafter (but that's a whole other story). Today I'm excited to share a little inspiration for my "dream home". When I close my eyes and imagine my dream home, I see a LOT of white. I love white, big windows and pretty chandeliers... and I still believe (you know, like Mariah Carey) that one day.... my dream home will be reality.

(clockwise starting from the bedroom): bedroom // bathroom // patio //  walk in closet // kitchen //small room //  laundry room //  living room

It was SO hard to pick just a few pictures, there are so many beautiful homes that are beautifully decorated. If you want to see more inspiration for my dream home you can check out my "Dream Home" board on Pinterest. And of course I have an inspiration board for the reality home of mine as well.

Thank you Deanne, for the great inspiration topic
and for co-hosting with Chelsea this week!

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Monday, June 10, 2013

weekend life

this past weekend I wore my hair "naturally" curly for the first time in a VERY long time.
we went to a pool party on Saturday and babe had a blast.
We will definitely be spending more time at Grandma's this summer.
On Sunday I decided to try my hand at a little gardening.
We bought succulents a few months ago that were busting out of their tiny pots,
so we headed to Wal-Mart for some potting soil a few flowers.

and ended the weekend with a yummy dinner and wine.
I hope you all had a great weekend!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

refashioned tee... twisted and laced

Last week I posted this pic wearing a t-shirt I refashioned. I have been seeing these really cute tank tops that have twisted straps BUT I haven't been able to find one that fits me nicely, they all come down WAY too low in the back and/or sides. So the next best thing?!... try to do it myself.

a t-shirt, I got mine from The Dollar Tree. It should almost be a little "too" big but doesn't have to be. scissors, sewing machine (or good old needle and thread), strips of lace (optional... if your t-shirt is not big enough)

before refashion


1. cut neckline as desired. I cut off just the hemline of the neck on mine.
2. cut sleeves as close as possible to the seam.
3. fold your shirt in half so that both sleeve holes are touching each other and make a crease (using an iron) up and down the back only.

turn your t-shirt inside out. (it will remain this way until you sew it back up)

4. cut both sides, the entire length, from right under the armpit to the end hem.
5. now cut the back middle, starting from the bottom and stopping about 2 inches before you reach the top neckline.
6. twist each piece 360 degrees (either into each other or away from each other)
7. pin both sides back together and sew.

OPTIONAL LACE: add a strip of lace (as thick as you like, I cut mine about 2" wide, which lost a little bit of width after I sewed it. also, if you saw my picture last week, it doesn't have the lace. I did it as an after thought after I realized the back didn't look quite right. I realized it lost some width after twisting and sewing in 3 sides that were previously not sewn)

8. pin the back, starting from the bottom and stopping where desired (I made sure to stop mine right after my bra strap), and sew.

after refashion

I'm pretty excited about how simple this was and hope I get lucky at finding another super cheap t-shirt.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

getting out

cute peplum, white jeans... I'm loving it. And how about my parking lot pic?! yeah, not loving it as much BUT it will have to do since I was unable to snap a few shots before leaving the house.

top: target // jeans: h&m // necklace: XXI

Last night we met up with my cousin and his fiancé to watch Fast & Furious 6. Oh how dreamy Paul Walker is. He has definitely become much more handsome with age.

Have I  told you all how lucky my husband and I have been that we have been able to go out, not once ... but twice! in one week. My SIL moved in with us about 2 months ago and it's so nice that she has been able to babysit so that we can go out to dinner or catch a movie, or even just to Target without having to hear babe say, over and over, how much he wants to go home. So thank you SIL, I really do appreciate any time alone with your brother.


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Monday, June 3, 2013


1. weekend recap: Karaoke, Chipotle, ice cream, Sinful Colors "Innocent", evening walks, window shopping, movie watching, TONS of blog reading.... and one of the best moments.... lying in the grass with babe.

2. you know those double finger rings that are popular right now. Well, I think they are cute but I also think I'm a little too old to wear them. I saw this one and had to have it. Knowing I wasn't actually going to wear it, I had to think of some other use for it and ta-da... a lip balm/ lipstick holder for my purse. I love it.

3. Last week I was interviewing a boy who seemed very nervous the whole time. But as our interview came to an end I asked if he had any questions for me, he said Yes and then proceeded to interview me. I was caught by surprise but think I did a pretty good job.
My manager laughed when I told him what happened and said that it has happened to him a few times and that I should expect it from now on. As my husband would say (as per Liz Lemon).... youths!


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