Friday, June 14, 2013

pre-k and a funny poop story

1. Babe got into pre-k! For the past few months we have been stressing over "where" he would go, where "can" he go, and will they even have a pre-k program next fall. The school district has had a lot of budget cuts and it has been a waiting game to see if our local public school would offer pre-k. If not, we would have to decide if we would send him to a private school, which of course costs money... which we were really on the fence about for a hundred reasons. But luckily, the wondering and waiting is over and on Tuesday, August 13th babe will officially begin his school years.

I get teary eyed thinking about it. I want to snuggle him up and keep him in my arms forever. School is a whole new level for a kid that brings so many more experiences in his every day life. So for the next 2 months I'm going to try to soak in every moment I can... before he makes friends and decides we are not cool enough for him.

2. Want to hear a funny story that Babe told me...
Babe called me while I was at work and this was our conversation:
me: hello?
babe: hey moonie!
me: what did you just call me? (as I begin to laugh)
babe: (giggling) I said, hey moonie!
me: did your dad tell you to say that (still laughing)
babe: yeah, dad, she's so silly (he's now laughing too. and yes he said "she", which made me laugh more, even though he says "she", way more often than "he")
me: so what are doing?
babe: well, daddy just ate too much food. and he said he didn't feel good and that he had to poop. and so he pooped everywhere and there was a big mess and I just had to help him clean up the big mess.
me: what?!!!!! (as I am crying, because I am laughing so hard)
babe: yeah, he just pooped and made a mess.

OMG, I was dying... the things kids say. So this is what really happened: First of all, sometimes when my husband calls me, he says "hey wooty". I have NO idea why and it drives me crazy EVERY time. So when babe called me moonie, I knew he meant wooty.
On to the poop part: My husband was watching TV while babe was playing in his room with his "fake" food. He brought some out to my husband and then went back to his room to get more. Every time babe went back to his room, my husband put the fake food in his shirt. Eventually he said he didn't feel good and maybe had to poop. So when he stood up, all the food fell out of his shirt, which then created a "poop" mess that they had to clean up. And you thought my husband pooped everywhere... ha ha ha ... yeah, I thought so too for a second when babe told the story.

And now that I have exhausted the word poop, I hope you all have an amazing weekend!