Monday, June 3, 2013


1. weekend recap: Karaoke, Chipotle, ice cream, Sinful Colors "Innocent", evening walks, window shopping, movie watching, TONS of blog reading.... and one of the best moments.... lying in the grass with babe.

2. you know those double finger rings that are popular right now. Well, I think they are cute but I also think I'm a little too old to wear them. I saw this one and had to have it. Knowing I wasn't actually going to wear it, I had to think of some other use for it and ta-da... a lip balm/ lipstick holder for my purse. I love it.

3. Last week I was interviewing a boy who seemed very nervous the whole time. But as our interview came to an end I asked if he had any questions for me, he said Yes and then proceeded to interview me. I was caught by surprise but think I did a pretty good job.
My manager laughed when I told him what happened and said that it has happened to him a few times and that I should expect it from now on. As my husband would say (as per Liz Lemon).... youths!


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  1. hahah what a great idea for the lip balm holder! Super creative. Your little boy and his eyes! Heartbreaker!

  2. Well hello gorgeous! Karaoke and chiptole?! plus ice cream and catching up on blogs?! Sounds like you had a pretty great weekend! Oh and your little boy is adorbs!!! =)

  3. I am kind of obsessed with Sunful Colors... their stuff is great! And I was also craving Chipotle over the weekend... I need to make that happen soon!

  4. Evening walks, window shopping, moments with your little guy...sounds like a relaxing weekend =)

  5. Love the idea for a lip balm holder, genius!

  6. Such a cute pic of you!! Sinful colors is my fave!! I wear Hazardous by them a good bit!

  7. You are so gorgeous. Awesome idea for the lip balm!