Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Goodness

I really liked the post I did last weekend about the Weekend Heat because even though it was so hot, it was a weekend full of good things and family togetherness.
So every weekend I will post about all the goodness that happens around here.
This past weekend was Carmageddon here in Los Angeles, but that actually had no affect on us since we didn't have any plans to travel on the 405 freeway anyway (I spend way too much time on that freeway during the week, I don't need to be on it on the weekend).

Instead we decided to take a 2 mile journey walk to a local park for some family fun.
Why does my husband always snap a picture of me while I'm talking?!

My babe wanted to "make something" so this is what he did (with my help of course).
Look at the detail of how he put his feet though! Those are stickers, so I thought he would lay them flat against the tube but No, he wanted them flat on the ground :)
Every weekend since Labor day I have been having such luck with sale items while shopping, not sure if it's good or bad. I only paid $8.40 for this Dress, Skirt and Bandeau! that's GOOD! And NO, I am not going to wear that skirt and Bandeau together ... lol ...
And finally .... I have seen so many recipe's with Pumpkin lately but just HAD to try this one from Vignettes. It's so simple and SUPER delicious!
And Babe agrees!
Hope you all had a good weekend too!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thanks to my Husband

I think once a month I will post about some of the great things my husband does for me :)
Don't worry, I won't get all cheesy on you all but sometimes I just don't know what I would do without him. For example:  I would not have had this super delicious burger this month if it wasn't for him. Seriously .... isn't your mouth watering?! (oh, please excuse all the dripping mayo, I like my food fattening!)
For this next one I have to go back almost a year. I was decorating at my cousin's house for a party and somehow got a thick black smudge on my Converse! I was so upset that it didn't immediately disappear when I tried to wipe it but didn't worry too much about it until the next day. Except, it "still" didn't come off when I tried to scrub it. I put them away and literally haven't worn them until today. I really wanted to wear them and told my husband that I refused to wear them because of that stupid smudge. He took my shoe, came back 1 minute later, laughed and said "it's gone, all I did was use dish soap and water". What the Heck! that didn't work for me! Anyway, thanks to him ... good as new!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Confession time: I have a Blog

I want to give a big shout out to all my friends and family that are reading this right now because until today, I haven't actually told anyone about this Blog. Not my husband, my mom, or even my best friend. The only people who really know are other bloggers who may have been so nice to stop by (and even leave a comment or two) and my Fall Friendship Swap partner (who you will hear more about in a few weeks here).

I honestly feel like I jumped on the Blog-wagon a little late. It's something that I have been interested in for at least a year and a half now but just kept putting it off.

One of the reasons being that most Blogs (that I read anyway) have a theme to them: Fashion/Style, DIYs, Photography, Cooking....and so on. But I feel like I can't put my focus on just ONE subject and it's good to know that I'm not alone based on this post a few weeks ago. It took Dana a year to define what her Blog is about and hopefully people will still want to read mine, even if it is "Random".

Another reason I put it off was because I wanted to make sure I was able to put in the effort to make this Blog worth reading. Working full time and then coming home to a family sounds like there is no more time left in the day for me to commit to a Blog, but over the last 2 months I have been really happy with the content I have been producing and hope to continue in the same direction.

The most difficult thing I have had a problem with is the Design of the Blog. I really want to try to do as much as I can to make it look appealing to a reader but all these codes and the HTML and URL language stuff is just so foreign to me. This has been the biggest time sucker so far, and now my husband knows why I have been on the computer for hours at a time, which is SO not like me.

So now you all know what I have been up to lately and I hope you will continue to come back often to visit, please leave a comment if you do! (obviously you don't have to, but I'd love it)

You can subscribe "wink wink" over on the side where it says "Subscribe in a Reader" or "Follow by Email" , I would greatly appreciate it. And if you are really into Blogs you can set up an account on Bloglovin and follow me that way (also located on the side there).
Oh and please excuse the constant change of the "look" here, I think I have been changing something once a week but I will get it right one day.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kids. amazing & annoying

This morning my Babe tip toed into our room and woke me up by rubbing his little nose on my cheek (an eskimo kiss, not because he had when I opened my eyes, he smiled and giggled and we said good morning. If you have a kid, you know that they are the most amazing little human beings in the world. They are so smart and so full of life and any little new thing they discover gives them a ridiculous amount of joy. I love to see my Babe so happy about something so simple as a bubble, that it makes me teary eyed.

And then, on the other hand they can be the most annoying little human beings, at the worst possible time: when you have to pee! Sometimes I try to pretend I'm not in that particular bathroom that he is so desperately trying to open and banging the heck out of. But when that fails and he just knows I'm in there (remember they are smart), or I give up and finally respond "what!"..... these are some of the things that come out of his mouth:
  • Um, what cha doing
  • Mom, can I have some Milk
  • Mom, can you hold my Blue Bear
  • My legs hurt, can you hold me
  • Can I play in my room
  • Where is the Ipad
  • Can you read for me
  • What color is this?
My response to all of the above "Babe! Can you PLEASE ask your dad" because 98% of the time he's just in the next room, watching t.v. or playing a game or on the computer.
His response: "but no, I want you to do it". Gotta love him :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Heat

The past 3 day's have been pretty hard on me. Im so used to sitting in an air conditioned office all day long and having spent the last 3 days outside, in 100 degree weather is tough
(ok, im being a little dramatic).
It all started on Friday when I spent the morning at USC for work related reasons.
The good that came from it:
 I got to see the Shuttle!

Then on Saturday we attended my cousin's 6 year old Sponge Bob themed party.
The good that came from it:
I got to see my babe enjoy a day playing with his cousin's in a jumper.

And finally on Sunday another one of my cousin's had a baptism for her
super adorable curly haired 6 month old baby daughter
The good that came from it:
Lot's of Family togetherness and seeing my babe, once again, playing with his cousin's.

Heat sucks! But I can bear it as long as there is still good things happening around me.


Friday, September 21, 2012

The Blvd

Recently I went to visit my parents in Lancaster. I don't get out there as often as I should or even as often as I'd like to, but it's crazy how much the Antelope Valley has changed since I graduated from High School and got the Heck out of there!
If you know the A.V., you know what I mean.
 Anyway, case in point: "The Blvd"
When I was younger I remember Lancaster Blvd. being the street
we had to drive on to get to the movie theatre.
It was also the street where the the Library, Bank and Post Office were located.
But now it's lined with cute little shops and cute little places to eat and they have those cool parking spots that are located in the middle of the street (between the two lanes).


 I was really hoping to check out a little Cafe that my sister-in-law recommended but was disappointed to find out it was closed on the day we went. Maybe next time.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Favorite Item in my Closet

I love when Blogger's do a Link Up, it's such a great way to see a Blog I may not have come across yet. Today I decided to Link Up with Merrick's Art, she is super talented with a sewing machine and has such cute style. She has a series with her sister's called "Sister's Share It All" and yesterday their topic was "Favorite Item in my Closet".

I decided on this blue Crochet Sweater

First I paired it with a maxi skirt and tank top for a casual look.
Then I paired it with Jeans and a Blue Poplin shirt for work.
I love this little sweater so much that I have it in Cream as well, although I feel like the cream colored one can only work as a more casual look at all times.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Let's just get right to it.... I LOVE Pinterest!

I can tell you the exact (ok, an estimated) time when my sister-in-law text me "have you heard of Pinterest", my response, "no, what is it?". I seriously waited in suspense for her reply that went somewhere along the lines of this, "omg, it's this website where you create boards with different categories and you "PIN" the stuff you like onto those boards.  They have so many DIYs and crazy shit. I think you would love it". And I did! And I do!  I love all the creativeness and craftiness and inspiration that is all organized into one small space.
 I have found so many great blogs through Pinterest, two of my absolute fav's:
I planned my son's 3rd birthday party all based on a fox box invitation
I saw on Pinterest and was able to DIY it

Some people would say it's the same thing as browsing the web and bookmarking a site as a favorite, but it's not, it's better! And so much more fun!
One thing I don't like: I Pin something from a Blog and totally forget that I saw it on the Blog first and NOT on Pinterest because then when I'm referring to something I saw (in a conversation) I tend to state Pinterest as my source. And not the Blog! Bad!
Here's two last things I have made and LOVE
Nacho Fries.....YUM...
Last Christmas we were in a small apt. with no room for a tree so this was the alternative
Some people are Genius!


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Butter London

I bought my first Butter London Nail Lacquers last summer
 Minger, Scoundrel, Tramp Stamp and Blowing Raspberries
And have been obsessed ever since! I want them ALL!
So far I have 13 bottles of Butter London Lacquers. The 4 above, the following 7

Cheeky Chops, Wallis, Chimney Sweep, Lady Muck, Queen Vic, Trout Pout, and Yummy Mummy
And the 2 newest additions

Teddy Girl and Royal Navy

I also have the Base coat, Top coat and Cuticle remover.
What do I love most about Butter London?
Their Names for one. The formula is great and the color choices are so pretty and different.
Highly recommended.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Meet my Babe's pet Mantis (he's obsessed with Kung Fu Panda)

Obviously it's not really his pet but 2 of these little guys have been living on our porch for the past few weeks. My husband has been holding them so that my Babe could say hi to them and get a closer look but he has yet to touch one until now
He actually cried for about 20 minutes before hand, torn between whether or not he wanted to hold him which will explain his red eyes in this next picture....when the Mantis jumped on him
Nestling his ear and hair for a minute

and then jumped off.
He was so excited and asks about the Mantis everyday.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


When I was little, my brother and I would get dropped off at our grandparents house so that my grandma could walk us to school (where she happen to work). Every morning we would sit and have breakfast with them and BEG them for a sip of coffee. The strong smell pouring into their mugs and a tablespoon of sugar, ahh.... who wouldn't want some of that. Every now and then my grandma would pour us a tiny cup (seriously tiny, I think the cups were from a play Tea set) but she warned that it would stunt our growth. I never really cared for it but the thought of it and the fact that my grandma and grandpa seemed to love it, just made me WANT it.

After elementary school we no longer had breakfast with my grandparents and I never drank coffee again. That is, until I got my first "real" job as a drafter. I had a long commute to work and it  seemed like all the other driver's on the freeway were drinking coffee while sitting in traffic. So every morning I would buy one of those super yummy bottled frappuccino's (which might explain the 5 lbs I packed on so quickly that first year), I know it's not the same as fresh brewed coffee but remember at this point I was only drinking it because I was bored in traffic. So for almost 8 years this was the closest I got to coffee. Then one night at a wedding, one month after I had my baby, it was late and I was tired and I thought "what the hell, I'll pour myself some coffee". So I got the little white coffee mug, poured in some steaming hot coffee, one tablespoon of sugar and a little milk and it was delicious! Now every morning starts with a fresh cup of coffee. I still enjoy a frappuccino once in a while, but usually only when I am craving a super sweet version of coffee. And  every now and then, on a super cozy morning (usually on weekends) I think of my grandma and grandpa, eating breakfast and drinking coffee.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Confession time: I don't know how to Type properly

I type mostly with my right hand only. My left hand (or rather, my pointer finger on my left hand) is the only finger I use for the letters A, S and E, and sometimes D and R. I know, it might seem weird since I work in an office but most of my work can be done using my mouse and the # keys. People don't usually believe me when they ask "why are you typing with one hand?" and my response is "because that's how I type". After a while they are actually amazed that I can type with one hand pretty quickly. Sometimes I wish I would have taken SOME SORT of typing class but honestly back in high school I never really thought I would need to know how type (how crazy is that?!). I think I will start my 2013 New Year resolution list (hey, it's coming up faster than you think) and "Learn how to Type" is at the top.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Mini Shopping Spree

I had no intensions of doing any kind of shopping any time soon BUT with Labor day weekend sales and coupons landing in my inbox I just couldn't resist the urge to at least check out what some of the stores had in stock for Fall.
And this is what I ended up with

Boots and Dress: Old Navy. Jeans, shirt and skirt: H&M

All for the Lovely price of $40!
Yeah, I Love Labor Day weekend sales/ coupons. Now I just need to find a perfect Blazer.