Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kids. amazing & annoying

This morning my Babe tip toed into our room and woke me up by rubbing his little nose on my cheek (an eskimo kiss, not because he had when I opened my eyes, he smiled and giggled and we said good morning. If you have a kid, you know that they are the most amazing little human beings in the world. They are so smart and so full of life and any little new thing they discover gives them a ridiculous amount of joy. I love to see my Babe so happy about something so simple as a bubble, that it makes me teary eyed.

And then, on the other hand they can be the most annoying little human beings, at the worst possible time: when you have to pee! Sometimes I try to pretend I'm not in that particular bathroom that he is so desperately trying to open and banging the heck out of. But when that fails and he just knows I'm in there (remember they are smart), or I give up and finally respond "what!"..... these are some of the things that come out of his mouth:
  • Um, what cha doing
  • Mom, can I have some Milk
  • Mom, can you hold my Blue Bear
  • My legs hurt, can you hold me
  • Can I play in my room
  • Where is the Ipad
  • Can you read for me
  • What color is this?
My response to all of the above "Babe! Can you PLEASE ask your dad" because 98% of the time he's just in the next room, watching t.v. or playing a game or on the computer.
His response: "but no, I want you to do it". Gotta love him :)


  1. Just precious Sarah! Savor those sweet moments to pull out and remind yourself of when you're desperately trying to find 30 seconds to yourself in the bathroom. Ha! :-)

    1. ha ha... I know right! Thanks for stopping by!