Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Goodness

I really liked the post I did last weekend about the Weekend Heat because even though it was so hot, it was a weekend full of good things and family togetherness.
So every weekend I will post about all the goodness that happens around here.
This past weekend was Carmageddon here in Los Angeles, but that actually had no affect on us since we didn't have any plans to travel on the 405 freeway anyway (I spend way too much time on that freeway during the week, I don't need to be on it on the weekend).

Instead we decided to take a 2 mile journey walk to a local park for some family fun.
Why does my husband always snap a picture of me while I'm talking?!

My babe wanted to "make something" so this is what he did (with my help of course).
Look at the detail of how he put his feet though! Those are stickers, so I thought he would lay them flat against the tube but No, he wanted them flat on the ground :)
Every weekend since Labor day I have been having such luck with sale items while shopping, not sure if it's good or bad. I only paid $8.40 for this Dress, Skirt and Bandeau! that's GOOD! And NO, I am not going to wear that skirt and Bandeau together ... lol ...
And finally .... I have seen so many recipe's with Pumpkin lately but just HAD to try this one from Vignettes. It's so simple and SUPER delicious!
And Babe agrees!
Hope you all had a good weekend too!


  1. Oh hooray!!! So glad you gave them a try, AND loved them :-). They are definitely a new fall staple in our household. Happy Monday to you Sarah!

    1. Im really looking forward to making these for the rest of my family during the Holidays.