Monday, September 3, 2012

Mini Shopping Spree

I had no intensions of doing any kind of shopping any time soon BUT with Labor day weekend sales and coupons landing in my inbox I just couldn't resist the urge to at least check out what some of the stores had in stock for Fall.
And this is what I ended up with

Boots and Dress: Old Navy. Jeans, shirt and skirt: H&M

All for the Lovely price of $40!
Yeah, I Love Labor Day weekend sales/ coupons. Now I just need to find a perfect Blazer.


  1. Wow! What a great steal! Now I'm sad I didn't get in on the great Labor Day sales - ha! Looks like you got some great fall staples, and like you, I'm on the hunt for the perfect blazer this year... - Nice to "meet" you today! My sis and bro-in-law live in LA, and although I've never been there, they adore it! Sounds like such a neat city... Hope you enjoy your weekend Sarah!

    1. Thanks! And Im so glad that I found your blog through "Story of my Life". L.A. is great, you will have to check it out sometime. And guess what... I found a Blazer for $10 this weekend (it's light-weight but $10!), so it was a good weekend! I hope you had a good one too.