Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thanks to my Husband

I think once a month I will post about some of the great things my husband does for me :)
Don't worry, I won't get all cheesy on you all but sometimes I just don't know what I would do without him. For example:  I would not have had this super delicious burger this month if it wasn't for him. Seriously .... isn't your mouth watering?! (oh, please excuse all the dripping mayo, I like my food fattening!)
For this next one I have to go back almost a year. I was decorating at my cousin's house for a party and somehow got a thick black smudge on my Converse! I was so upset that it didn't immediately disappear when I tried to wipe it but didn't worry too much about it until the next day. Except, it "still" didn't come off when I tried to scrub it. I put them away and literally haven't worn them until today. I really wanted to wear them and told my husband that I refused to wear them because of that stupid smudge. He took my shoe, came back 1 minute later, laughed and said "it's gone, all I did was use dish soap and water". What the Heck! that didn't work for me! Anyway, thanks to him ... good as new!