Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Heat

The past 3 day's have been pretty hard on me. Im so used to sitting in an air conditioned office all day long and having spent the last 3 days outside, in 100 degree weather is tough
(ok, im being a little dramatic).
It all started on Friday when I spent the morning at USC for work related reasons.
The good that came from it:
 I got to see the Shuttle!

Then on Saturday we attended my cousin's 6 year old Sponge Bob themed party.
The good that came from it:
I got to see my babe enjoy a day playing with his cousin's in a jumper.

And finally on Sunday another one of my cousin's had a baptism for her
super adorable curly haired 6 month old baby daughter
The good that came from it:
Lot's of Family togetherness and seeing my babe, once again, playing with his cousin's.

Heat sucks! But I can bear it as long as there is still good things happening around me.


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