Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Let's just get right to it.... I LOVE Pinterest!

I can tell you the exact (ok, an estimated) time when my sister-in-law text me "have you heard of Pinterest", my response, "no, what is it?". I seriously waited in suspense for her reply that went somewhere along the lines of this, "omg, it's this website where you create boards with different categories and you "PIN" the stuff you like onto those boards.  They have so many DIYs and crazy shit. I think you would love it". And I did! And I do!  I love all the creativeness and craftiness and inspiration that is all organized into one small space.
 I have found so many great blogs through Pinterest, two of my absolute fav's:
I planned my son's 3rd birthday party all based on a fox box invitation
I saw on Pinterest and was able to DIY it

Some people would say it's the same thing as browsing the web and bookmarking a site as a favorite, but it's not, it's better! And so much more fun!
One thing I don't like: I Pin something from a Blog and totally forget that I saw it on the Blog first and NOT on Pinterest because then when I'm referring to something I saw (in a conversation) I tend to state Pinterest as my source. And not the Blog! Bad!
Here's two last things I have made and LOVE
Nacho Fries.....YUM...
Last Christmas we were in a small apt. with no room for a tree so this was the alternative
Some people are Genius!



  1. I recently started pinning on Pinterest myself and I 'm addicted! Though my heart will always belong to We heart it it's more useful for crafts and recipes...

    1. I have heard of "We Heart It" but haven't had a chance to check it out. I will have to some time soon though.

  2. I haven't pinned on Pinterest yet, but I love looking at all the different boards my friends have made! It looks like so much fun :)


  3. What cute projects! I'm with ya...what did we do before Pinterest??! :-) Happy weekending!

    1. I know right! Thanks, enjoy your weekend as well :)