Monday, September 30, 2013

weekend goodness

this past weekend we celebrated a birthday at Menchies ...
...and the birth of a baby girl named Ariana.
I was lucky enough to be visiting my parents on Sunday and got a chance to visit with my cousin and her new baby.  And now I will be day dreaming about a little baby girl of my own... but it's just that... day dreaming. For now anyway.
While visiting my parents, me, babe and my mom had a chance to hit up a few thrift stores before she started work, and I was happy that I found 2 tops and a dress for $10. I was also happy that babe was such a trooper while we were shopping, not a single peep or complaint out of his mouth the whole time. I don't usually like to take him shopping because he usually lasts about 10 minutes before stating he wants to go home. Of course this good behavior just makes my mom thinks he's a saint ALL the time, but whatever. All in all, it was a great weekend.
This morning hasn't started out very well, but keeping this post in mind I'm pushing past it and looking forward to a few things this week:
1. heading to the library tonight. hoping to check out an audio book for my commute to work (a suggestion from my BFF for the past decade!).
2. still training for my run10.feed10, hoping to hit 2.5 miles twice this week (it's hard! for me.) 
3. having my cousin and her new "fiancé" over for dinner (hopefully this week)
what are you looking forward to this week?

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

arguing about pasta sauce

Before I get into the whole ridiculousness of the pasta sauce I have to say something about my husband. He isn't one for arguing, he will walk away from any situation in which my voice or attitude changes in the slightest opposite direction from which it was just in. On one hand this is a good thing, because when I was growing up my parents argued about all the big things that every couple argues about, and I don't want us to be like that in front of my son. On the other hand, it drives me crazy because then when we do argue... it's about pasta sauce!

I text my husband before leaving work:

me: what's for dinner? I'm SO hungry, I had a boring salad for lunch
him: pasta sauce to last for the next 2 days. and there is bacon. whatever you want to make.
me: do you think ground beef is cheap at vons. plain pasta sounds boring.
him: it is, but I was going to go to vons tomorrow.
me: ok, maybe I'll just make myself a pizza.

So I get home an hour later and the house smells like bacon.

me: what are you doing. I thought we were going to use the sauce for pasta and pizza.
him: yeah, we're going to have breakfast pizza
me: with "pasta sauce"?... no thanks. that's not how they show it on pinterest.
him:  it's a PIZZA... just put the sauce on it!
me: yeah, on a "regular" pizza. not with bacon and eggs.
him: fine just make your own pizza then.

As I change into some sweats, I'm thinking, "not fair that he decides to make a breakfast pizza, I have been wanting to try one for months!" (side note: my husband is not a fan of breakfast food! boring right.)  So I google a pizza breakfast recipe to see if it says to add sauce... and of course it doesn't. I head back into the kitchen and proceed to make myself a breakfast pizza, minus the sauce.

As he makes a pizza for himself:

him: you didn't use the sauce did you?!
me: Nope. I googled it, and the recipe I found didn't have sauce
him: oh but you can put tomato's on it, it's the same thing! Now we have to eat pasta sauce every day for the rest of the week!
me: even if I did want to put sauce on it, to match the one teaspoon of sauce that you used, it still wouldn't make a dent in the jar, so get over it the sauce already!

What is the most ridiculous thing you have argued about?

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

casual in ikat

there are seriously no words to describe how relaxed and comfy this outfit makes me feel
top: super old // jeans: kohls //necklace: macys

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Monday, September 23, 2013

trying to appreciate my weekday time

I read this Weekday Awareness post a few weeks ago (actually a MONTH ago!) about how we shouldn't wish our entire week away. I have been thinking about this a lot because I am definitely one of those people that just DREADS a Monday morning and everything that happens in between until Friday night. I only realized it last night though when I told my husband "what happened to my weekend?" and he replied, "you say that every weekend".

I know how valuable time is, I'm always wishing I had more of it. But just because the time between Monday and Friday usually sucks doesn't mean I should wish that time away, but instead try to make the most of it and enjoy the good things planned during the week days. And so every Monday I will be thinking ahead to the positive, even if it means "making" a positive, so that way I enjoy all the time that is given to me.

This week we are having a commuter BBQ at the park across the street at work... free lunch!... always something to look forward to. And at the end of the week all of our associates and principals will be out of town for a business meeting, which means some office quiet time.

Now if only I can figure out how to wake up on time every morning.
This is something that definitely sets the tone for the entire day.
Any suggestions? (besides the obvious alarm clock).
And, what are you looking forward to this week?

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Britney in Vegas... i'm going!!

Just in case you haven't heard... Britney will have a show in Vegas, at Planet Hollywood for the next 2 years!! And guess who is going to one... ME! If you don't know me personally, you don't know that I'm a huge fan. I don't care what people say or think, although I once tried to pass off my CDs as my husband's but I wasn't fooling anyone.

This week, when it was announced, I quickly tried to search for tickets and saw that one of her shows would be right around my birthday in Feb. Unfortunately the tickets were only available to American Express card holders. So what's a girl to do without an American Express card... oh, you know, blast a post on FB to her family asking if ANYONE has an American Express card to buy me tickets before they go on sale to everyone in the world. Luckily 1 out of my 20+ cousins has American Express and hours later I was in!
I asked my husband if he would go with me, and I made it very clear that It was "not a joke". He said he didn't want to be like those dads that take their young daughters to concerts and spend the entire time looking at their phone. So I asked one of my cousin's to go with me (her birthday is the day after mine) and she said yes. So we will be celebrating our birthday's with Britney this coming Feb.! I am over the top excited and look forward to one of the best b-days ever.

And of course what would our drive be like without all my Britney CDs.
I started rounding them up but I'm sure I'm missing at least 2.
So looking forward to my birthday... countdown 4 months, 21 days.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

wearing white

"don't wear white after labor day "... such a strange thing right?! Does anyone actually listen to that fashion rule? I didn't think so. I was curious though, and so I googled it.
The best answer I found was this: "This fashion "rule" came about when heat was provided by burning coal and other ash producing items. Lots of soot and ash does not wear well with white."
And so it makes sense that back in the day the girls didn't want to get their prairie dresses dirty. Good thing we all have heaters now and we can wear white all we want.

necklace: XXI // top: target // jeans: h&m // shoes: payless // nails: sally xtreme-perfect pairing
And on a different "color" note, every time I look at my nails this week I think of mint-n-chip ice cream.
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Monday, September 16, 2013

movies, baking and a pool party

This past Saturday my husband and I spent at least 7 hours in front of the T.V. We watched "the descendants", "7 psychopaths" and a few episodes of Game of Thrones (such an addicting show). We decided at some point to go to the store for food and get a few things for a cake and cupcakes I was baking for a party the next day. The entire day just flew by SO fast, and besides the baking that I did, I felt like I accomplished nothing.

On Sunday I cleaned and decorated my baked goods before heading to a pool party.
A little tip: short on cake décor or sprinkles, just add some curling ribbon around the cake.

Babe was eager to get in the pool the second we got there. He put on his little arm floaties and started swimming like he just swam the day before (when in reality it has been at least a month and half). I hope he is a natural swimmer and not afraid of the water like me!

My Aunt made the CUTEST power ranger Pinata... all the younger kids looked so cute trying to break it open because they were almost the same height. Babe got in a few good hits and looked so serious while doing so.

We are definitely trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer here...
yes, I am slowly facing the fact that it will be over soon.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

diy phone sleeve

I have a hard case cover for my phone but sometimes I feel like it could use some extra protection. Especially when it gets tossed in my purse with my car and work keys. On our recent trip to the fair I had one of those flimsy drawstring backpacks and was SO worried about something happening to it, so I finally decided to make a little phone sleeve.

supplies needed:
scrap fabric
embroidery thread and needle

I used plain notebook paper to make a simple template.
I cut the Vinyl to match the template exactly. For the fabric I cut the bottom and 2 sides a tad smaller than the template, and the top 1/4" bigger than the template. Fold over and press the top fabric. Stitch the 2 pieces together and then closed.
This was so quick and easy to make, I wish I would have done it sooner.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


A few weeks ago I mentioned that I found a 10K that was perfect for me and this weekend I FINALLY registered. I will be doing the Run10Feed10 in my very own neighborhood. The closest event they have to me is in San Francisco but they have a really cool option to run your own route. So you still register and the $ goes towards providing 10 meals and I will receive a cute tote bag.

I'm pretty excited about it because I have slacked off with my running since May/June. I started the training plan (that they provide) 2 weeks ago and can't even handle the long runs on the weekend's, so I definitely need the 7 weeks (maybe more) to make sure I can run that 6+ miles. And guess what.... my husband is going to run it with me! I had this plan in my head that he would be waiting for me at a half way point with water and then also waiting at my finish point (which will be a park with a lake) and we would have a picnic... BUT instead he is running with me! Or ahead of me?! We'll see.

So, I was thinking... since I'm not actually "going" anywhere for this run10 feed10 event, do I still get to buy myself a new cute workout/running outfit? I mean, I have to look good while running in beautiful sunrise right?!

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Monday, September 9, 2013

shopping spree weekend

If you follow me on instagram (ssotelo98) or read my favorites post, you might have noticed that I went a little crazy over Big Lots. But after finding $8 flats last week and seeing all the beauty hauls on instagram, I was determined to find me some amazing beauty steals... and after 2 hours in 2 Big Lots, this is what I got.

After my little Big Lots trip I headed home to an empty house and enjoyed 2 hours of DVR time. Do you know what my favorite thing about Fall is?!!... the new T.V. season. I get SO excited when I see an ad on the side of a bus or a big billboard for a show. It's crazy that I still have episodes of VP Diaries and Revenge in my DVR though, so I need to get on those asap.

Sunday was another day of shopping! I was really hoping to find some good deals on bathing suits but I didn't have very much luck. I did find a really bright neon green bikini top for $5 so I guess I was semi successful. Also, we got really lucky at sears, all of their clearance was an extra 40% off so I got a crop top, beach towel (for my husband), pajama set, swimming trunks and a dress for $11!

So my entire shopping spree weekend cost me a whopping $33 +tax.

I spent the rest of the weekend working on some projects that I can't wait to share.
Has anyone else gotten any amazing deals lately?!

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

a few favorites

*this week has flown by thanks to the holiday on Monday, definitely loving that it's the weekend already.

*I decided to check out Big Lots during my lunch yesterday and couldn't believe they had really cute, and surprisingly comfy, flats for $8!! I wanted them all but had to resist the urge. I ended up taking home the leopard one's. (Also, I will be hitting up every Big Lots in my area this weekend because if I am lucky, I will find some great Loreal cosmetics right now super cheap. seriously... heard it from Nouveau Cheap and saw it with my own eyes on instagram #BigLots)

*this song is a few months old but I have heard it so many times this week and love it more and more each time... Fitz and the Tantrums - Out of my League

*I got the Sept. Ulta ad and I am SO looking forward to day 7 (Sat. 9/14) of the 21 days of beauty... $10 Butter London polishes! (reg. $15) my favorite!

my collection as of May
hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

i made a tunic... unintentionally

I have had this pretty green jersey fabric sitting around for months. Originally I bought it to make a skirt but I eventually decided I really wanted to make a dress. I should have stuck to my original plan for a skirt because a dress... this particular dress, was way beyond my beginner skills and my "dress" ended up being a long tunic.

 earrings: violet bella // tunic: made by me // leggings: kohls // boots: old navy

I didn't get a great picture of the front but it has a sort of "wrap" skirt effect, with rounded sides. The mistake I made was that I didn't overlap the ends enough and because it is rounded, it is way too short. It should have had (at least) an 8" overlap but for some strange reason I only did 2"! Other than that I think I did a pretty good job. I definitely need to have a much simpler pattern for my next dress, oh yeah... another mistake I made... no pattern! I'm just that good (or not).
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Monday, September 2, 2013

l.a. county fair

This past weekend was HOT. But we already had plans to head to the fair opening weekend... when it was only $1 to get in! Babe was excited the day before but of course tried his best to make it "seem" like whatever the day of. He acted shy around my husband's cousin and fiancé the first few hours and didn't want me taking any picture's of him.

Eventually though... it was hard for him to hide his happiness. This was the last ride he went on before we all shared devoured a huge strawberry funnel cake with ice cream and headed home.

It's funny how I keep reading about the "end of summer" when It's still well in the high 90"s and even 100's here. But today I noticed something... it started getting dark at 7:00pm! The end of summer really Is near and looks like we are ending it pretty well.

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