Thursday, September 26, 2013

arguing about pasta sauce

Before I get into the whole ridiculousness of the pasta sauce I have to say something about my husband. He isn't one for arguing, he will walk away from any situation in which my voice or attitude changes in the slightest opposite direction from which it was just in. On one hand this is a good thing, because when I was growing up my parents argued about all the big things that every couple argues about, and I don't want us to be like that in front of my son. On the other hand, it drives me crazy because then when we do argue... it's about pasta sauce!

I text my husband before leaving work:

me: what's for dinner? I'm SO hungry, I had a boring salad for lunch
him: pasta sauce to last for the next 2 days. and there is bacon. whatever you want to make.
me: do you think ground beef is cheap at vons. plain pasta sounds boring.
him: it is, but I was going to go to vons tomorrow.
me: ok, maybe I'll just make myself a pizza.

So I get home an hour later and the house smells like bacon.

me: what are you doing. I thought we were going to use the sauce for pasta and pizza.
him: yeah, we're going to have breakfast pizza
me: with "pasta sauce"?... no thanks. that's not how they show it on pinterest.
him:  it's a PIZZA... just put the sauce on it!
me: yeah, on a "regular" pizza. not with bacon and eggs.
him: fine just make your own pizza then.

As I change into some sweats, I'm thinking, "not fair that he decides to make a breakfast pizza, I have been wanting to try one for months!" (side note: my husband is not a fan of breakfast food! boring right.)  So I google a pizza breakfast recipe to see if it says to add sauce... and of course it doesn't. I head back into the kitchen and proceed to make myself a breakfast pizza, minus the sauce.

As he makes a pizza for himself:

him: you didn't use the sauce did you?!
me: Nope. I googled it, and the recipe I found didn't have sauce
him: oh but you can put tomato's on it, it's the same thing! Now we have to eat pasta sauce every day for the rest of the week!
me: even if I did want to put sauce on it, to match the one teaspoon of sauce that you used, it still wouldn't make a dent in the jar, so get over it the sauce already!

What is the most ridiculous thing you have argued about?

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