Monday, September 9, 2013

shopping spree weekend

If you follow me on instagram (ssotelo98) or read my favorites post, you might have noticed that I went a little crazy over Big Lots. But after finding $8 flats last week and seeing all the beauty hauls on instagram, I was determined to find me some amazing beauty steals... and after 2 hours in 2 Big Lots, this is what I got.

After my little Big Lots trip I headed home to an empty house and enjoyed 2 hours of DVR time. Do you know what my favorite thing about Fall is?!!... the new T.V. season. I get SO excited when I see an ad on the side of a bus or a big billboard for a show. It's crazy that I still have episodes of VP Diaries and Revenge in my DVR though, so I need to get on those asap.

Sunday was another day of shopping! I was really hoping to find some good deals on bathing suits but I didn't have very much luck. I did find a really bright neon green bikini top for $5 so I guess I was semi successful. Also, we got really lucky at sears, all of their clearance was an extra 40% off so I got a crop top, beach towel (for my husband), pajama set, swimming trunks and a dress for $11!

So my entire shopping spree weekend cost me a whopping $33 +tax.

I spent the rest of the weekend working on some projects that I can't wait to share.
Has anyone else gotten any amazing deals lately?!

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  1. I'm glad you had such a good weekend! I love it when I find good deals and always feels like a little victory!

  2. Wow! You got some awesome stuff! I love the Gud products!

  3. awesome stuff! i don't go to big lots but maybe i should! i like that phone case. I got an iphone case like that from Maurice s for 3 bucks!