Wednesday, September 4, 2013

i made a tunic... unintentionally

I have had this pretty green jersey fabric sitting around for months. Originally I bought it to make a skirt but I eventually decided I really wanted to make a dress. I should have stuck to my original plan for a skirt because a dress... this particular dress, was way beyond my beginner skills and my "dress" ended up being a long tunic.

 earrings: violet bella // tunic: made by me // leggings: kohls // boots: old navy

I didn't get a great picture of the front but it has a sort of "wrap" skirt effect, with rounded sides. The mistake I made was that I didn't overlap the ends enough and because it is rounded, it is way too short. It should have had (at least) an 8" overlap but for some strange reason I only did 2"! Other than that I think I did a pretty good job. I definitely need to have a much simpler pattern for my next dress, oh yeah... another mistake I made... no pattern! I'm just that good (or not).
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  1. This is soo cute! You are so creative!

  2. You look amazing lady! Love love the dress! Thanks for linking up with us for "what she wears!"

  3. I love it. Tunics are definitely in. I think you did a great job. No one would know if you didn't tell them.

  4. sometimes mistakes make super creative new projects:), I think you did a good job and the green fabric for the dress suits you really well!

  5. Love the green mixed with the lace... gorgeous dress!! Thanks for linking up with us for What She Wears!!


    Just Dawnelle

  6. Love it! So pretty! I just recently started to sew :) I made a blouse and I made a mistake (oops) I had to cover it with a fabric flower but it looks good, the flower was a great addition :) Thanks for linking up to the Less Laundry, More Linking party.