Wednesday, September 18, 2013

wearing white

"don't wear white after labor day "... such a strange thing right?! Does anyone actually listen to that fashion rule? I didn't think so. I was curious though, and so I googled it.
The best answer I found was this: "This fashion "rule" came about when heat was provided by burning coal and other ash producing items. Lots of soot and ash does not wear well with white."
And so it makes sense that back in the day the girls didn't want to get their prairie dresses dirty. Good thing we all have heaters now and we can wear white all we want.

necklace: XXI // top: target // jeans: h&m // shoes: payless // nails: sally xtreme-perfect pairing
And on a different "color" note, every time I look at my nails this week I think of mint-n-chip ice cream.
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  1. Oh my gosh, your hair is GORGEOUS! Don't cut it ever:) I agree about the "rules" of fashion, they are old fashioned and not relevant. You look great!

  2. totally like the combination with purple the nail color and the necklace altogether!

  3. That is so funny to know where that saying actually came from! Loving your necklace and those fun sandals :)