Monday, September 16, 2013

movies, baking and a pool party

This past Saturday my husband and I spent at least 7 hours in front of the T.V. We watched "the descendants", "7 psychopaths" and a few episodes of Game of Thrones (such an addicting show). We decided at some point to go to the store for food and get a few things for a cake and cupcakes I was baking for a party the next day. The entire day just flew by SO fast, and besides the baking that I did, I felt like I accomplished nothing.

On Sunday I cleaned and decorated my baked goods before heading to a pool party.
A little tip: short on cake décor or sprinkles, just add some curling ribbon around the cake.

Babe was eager to get in the pool the second we got there. He put on his little arm floaties and started swimming like he just swam the day before (when in reality it has been at least a month and half). I hope he is a natural swimmer and not afraid of the water like me!

My Aunt made the CUTEST power ranger Pinata... all the younger kids looked so cute trying to break it open because they were almost the same height. Babe got in a few good hits and looked so serious while doing so.

We are definitely trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer here...
yes, I am slowly facing the fact that it will be over soon.

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  1. That pinata is too cute!
    Our summer is already over, I am surprisingly bummed. I was loving the warm weather and sun!

  2. Those cupcakes look delicious! Our summer is petty much over here. I am sad to see the hot sun and pool time go already!

  3. ohh those are the best of weekends, when nothing is accomplished-except some fab cupcakes.

  4. That piñata came out so cute!

  5. The pinata looks great! And now I want cupcakes. And candy.

  6. OMG Sarah I haven't seen you blog in so long!! So much to read and see!!