Monday, September 2, 2013

l.a. county fair

This past weekend was HOT. But we already had plans to head to the fair opening weekend... when it was only $1 to get in! Babe was excited the day before but of course tried his best to make it "seem" like whatever the day of. He acted shy around my husband's cousin and fiancé the first few hours and didn't want me taking any picture's of him.

Eventually though... it was hard for him to hide his happiness. This was the last ride he went on before we all shared devoured a huge strawberry funnel cake with ice cream and headed home.

It's funny how I keep reading about the "end of summer" when It's still well in the high 90"s and even 100's here. But today I noticed something... it started getting dark at 7:00pm! The end of summer really Is near and looks like we are ending it pretty well.

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  1. Love your pics! And the same thing is happening here - very few signs of fall so far!

  2. i adore fairs! and these photos?! so wonderful!