Tuesday, September 10, 2013


A few weeks ago I mentioned that I found a 10K that was perfect for me and this weekend I FINALLY registered. I will be doing the Run10Feed10 in my very own neighborhood. The closest event they have to me is in San Francisco but they have a really cool option to run your own route. So you still register and the $ goes towards providing 10 meals and I will receive a cute tote bag.

I'm pretty excited about it because I have slacked off with my running since May/June. I started the training plan (that they provide) 2 weeks ago and can't even handle the long runs on the weekend's, so I definitely need the 7 weeks (maybe more) to make sure I can run that 6+ miles. And guess what.... my husband is going to run it with me! I had this plan in my head that he would be waiting for me at a half way point with water and then also waiting at my finish point (which will be a park with a lake) and we would have a picnic... BUT instead he is running with me! Or ahead of me?! We'll see.

So, I was thinking... since I'm not actually "going" anywhere for this run10 feed10 event, do I still get to buy myself a new cute workout/running outfit? I mean, I have to look good while running in beautiful sunrise right?!

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  1. What a sweet run! Good for you for signing up, and how fun to do it with your husband!! Happy training, and heck yes you should definitely get a cute running outfit!!! It's just one of those fun perks of doing a run:)

  2. That is so neat that you get to run it locally! Definitely treat yourself to a new workout/running outfit, it's only right. Yay that your husband is going to do it with you :D

  3. YES! Get a new cute outfit! That is great that you and your hubby are running together. Good luck with the training! xo Morgan