Wednesday, June 5, 2013

getting out

cute peplum, white jeans... I'm loving it. And how about my parking lot pic?! yeah, not loving it as much BUT it will have to do since I was unable to snap a few shots before leaving the house.

top: target // jeans: h&m // necklace: XXI

Last night we met up with my cousin and his fiancé to watch Fast & Furious 6. Oh how dreamy Paul Walker is. He has definitely become much more handsome with age.

Have I  told you all how lucky my husband and I have been that we have been able to go out, not once ... but twice! in one week. My SIL moved in with us about 2 months ago and it's so nice that she has been able to babysit so that we can go out to dinner or catch a movie, or even just to Target without having to hear babe say, over and over, how much he wants to go home. So thank you SIL, I really do appreciate any time alone with your brother.


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  1. target has the cutest stuff ever! love this classic summer look;)

  2. Love the striped peplum! I'd been hunting for this top but I"ve never found the perfect peplum for me :(

    If you have a sec, hope you can drop by my blog too and read my latest:

  3. I've always wanted a peplum top, I suppose ill have to wait awhile now. That's so nice that your sil helps out, my brother lived her for awhile and I even slipped away during nap times and it was so convenient :)