Wednesday, June 12, 2013

dream home

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE houses. I'm obsessed! It's how I became a drafter (but that's a whole other story). Today I'm excited to share a little inspiration for my "dream home". When I close my eyes and imagine my dream home, I see a LOT of white. I love white, big windows and pretty chandeliers... and I still believe (you know, like Mariah Carey) that one day.... my dream home will be reality.

(clockwise starting from the bedroom): bedroom // bathroom // patio //  walk in closet // kitchen //small room //  laundry room //  living room

It was SO hard to pick just a few pictures, there are so many beautiful homes that are beautifully decorated. If you want to see more inspiration for my dream home you can check out my "Dream Home" board on Pinterest. And of course I have an inspiration board for the reality home of mine as well.

Thank you Deanne, for the great inspiration topic
and for co-hosting with Chelsea this week!

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  1. oh yeah, I know.. I have exact the same feeling about my future home. I even have very similar taste to yours. Actually, these photos could all be my home :)
    but you will see - one day our dreams will come true! :)

  2. I love the theme of crisp, white, and the open feel! So pretty!

  3. Love this! So pretty! I love a lot of white as well! :)

  4. hey girl! thank you for leaving a comment on my blog ! so glad I found you! this post is so inspiring! followed back :)

  5. I love how white and clean everything is! I would love to have a home like that, but I do not see it in my future (three boys, two dogs, and a boyfriend who works at a gravel pit, eek!). So pretty though!!