Monday, February 25, 2013

weekend goodness

Saturday morning I woke up early for work, which is rare because the office is closed BUT deadlines are unavoidable. I think Babe knows the difference between the week Days and the weekends because he was pretty upset when I told him I had to work and he said he wanted me to stay with him forever (I love that!). So the only logical thing was for him and my husband to come with me right?! This was actually my husband's suggestion (since I work pretty close to the beach).
We got to the office and they decided to wait around for an hour until another one of my coworkers got there. In the meantime Babe claimed a cubicle... spun around in the chair a few times... took a coffee break... and thought hard about his next design.

They left and came back 3 hours later with tacos for lunch.

We then headed to the beach, which was originally not the plan but Babe insisted that all 3 of us go to the beach together.

On Sunday my husband left really early in the morning so Babe and I had the day to ourselves (also SUPER rare). We snuggled, watched who knows how many kid movies, put on mask's and played super hero's, played hide and seek (I hid in the blankets on his bed once and he couldn't find me, even after walking in the room twice. When he finally did find me he laughed and said "it just looked like a pillow"), and we played swords with sticks outside. We stayed home the entire day because I "thought" my husband had the car seat..
turns out he left it in the garage.

I wouldn't change the day if I had the chance
(sorry about the low quality photos, It's my fault for resizing them smaller! lesson learned)


  1. oh, i love those kinds of sundays and beach days (and the beautiful photos that go along with them) are really the best aren't they? we are so lucky to live so close to the ocean. :)

  2. What a way to make the best of having to work on a Saturday! Sounds like an absolutely lovely Sunday too! The beach looks incredible BTW!

  3. Awww looks like the perfect day!! Sounds like you guys had so much fun- love those kind of memories :)

  4. What great memories you are creating with him. He is one special little guy! Thought I would stop by since you stopped by my blog! Great blog I'm now following you!