Friday, February 22, 2013

coffee date

If we were having coffee today I have to be completely honest and tell you that I have been feeling really annoyed. Lately I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed, stressed out, overworked... you name it, I feel it. When I get stressed out I get EXTREMELY annoyed with every tiny thing around me.
For example:

my co-worker talking Loudly and Giggly about "how cute" a picture of a cat spooning a teddy bear is.

the woman working at the post office REPEATEDLY telling an elderly lady that "you CANNOT come to the post office and tell us you don't know what is in the package you are mailing out, it could be a bomb. and I don't care that it's for your daughter in a wheel chair"....
Seriously, I think she heard you the first 2 times, no need to repeat 12 or 15 times.

the Fire Truck that is in TRAFFIC with the rest of us and will not stop honking his horn for us to move out of the way. I understand there is an emergency but our cars cannot magically pile on top of each other to make way for you.

engineers frantically coming to my desk with 3 hours worth of work that they want me to do in 1 hour!

Babe waking up EVERY single night for the last 2 weeks wanting ME to snuggle him
(this sounds cute, but trust me, when I have to wake up at 5:45 in the morning... it's not!)

I could seriously go on and on but I think that might be way too much anger for one post.

Then, just as I was at my breaking point, I saw this post by Alli from Life on Leroy and I thought... that's what I need. I need a spot that I can go to and just sit and be away from everyone and everything and enjoy the moment, just one peaceful moment. But of course I live in L.A. and where the heck am I going to find a spot as amazing as hers?! I just might have to make it my mission to find "my spot" but at the moment I decided to get up from my desk and go for a walk. I couldn't go far (deadlines remember) but there is a tiny park nearby that has a tiny trail, so I did a lap in my wedges.... and felt a smidge of relief... until I got back in the office of course.

Sometimes life is just stressful and you have to ride it out.
So I'm hoping the weekend will bring some peace in me.

I will mention this though, my husband told me I looked cute when I got home from work. I laughed and said "thanks. too bad my hair isn't done, then I'd look cuter" and then he showed me this video (warning: you might cringe if you love your hair) and I started crying from laughter (those are the best laughs).
Is it mean that I laughed, that hard, at that poor girl.

 I hope everyone has an amazing, peaceful weekend!
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  1. When I had an office job I remember getting sooo stressed and annoyed just like this. I think it is a big reason I started blogging, cause the other option was popping everyone's heads off! Everyone can find a bit of oasis, mine was walking over a bridge to walk along the river.

  2. At least you get annoyed - I eat! How annoying is that!?!
    Loved the realness of this post:)
    You work with engineers, huh? I'm, I do too!

  3. Thanks for sharing the video I laughed sooo hard.

    I know what you mean about annoyed, and overwhelmed. I hope your weekend is very relaxing.

    I am very excited for the "hard" part of potty training is over soon.

    Mhhhm... now I really want to try the melon now.