Friday, February 15, 2013

coffee date

I haven't had a chance to link up with Alissa for coffee date since like December, so I'm really excited for coffee date today, even if it is an afternoon cup. It still counts right?! This week  the topic is "5 things you may not know about me". So if we were having coffee this "afternoon" these would be the 5 things I would tell you.

1. I grew up in little tiny desert town with one major intersection.

2. I was on the drill team and riffle squad in high school.

3. My first job was at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

4. I met my husband the same night I went on my first and only blind date (he was not my blind date)

5. I dream of the day I can visit Ireland. It is such a beautiful place that I MUST set foot on.

and my picture has nothing to do with coffee or myself but it's still pretty right
I love post's where you get to know a little bit more about a person.
What 5 things would you share?


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  2. Oh my goodness! I love number 4! Haha!

  3. I love this...especially #2 =) And I think you are definitely going to have to share the story from #4!!!

    Happy Friday!!

  4. Great post! My dad grew up in a caution light town in Georgia. I wish I were more like him.

  5. Six flags, eh?! My first job was a ride attendant at a theme park!! Fun, but ridiculously hot, and our outfits included high waisted khaki shorts, baggy green polos, and a visor. YUCK!

  6. Your first job was at 6 Flags?! That is really SO cool! I've always secretly (or not so secretly, haha) wanted to be Belle at Disney World. ;)

  7. My first job was at a local book store. My favourite way to spend in afternoon is to sit on the floor of my parents house with their dogs lying all around me. I think the only way to eat popcorn is with butter and brewer's yeast.

  8. I love #4!! I think I need to hear more of that story!

  9. I have to agree with Alissa- I would love to hear more of that story- so curious! I love this post- such a cute idea, I might have to steal it :D