Monday, February 18, 2013

a day in pictures

7:00am (ish) wake up next to babe

8:00am breakfast and blogs

10:00am debating if I should purge my closet (I decide against it)

11:00am chutes & ladders (husband won)

1:00pm feeding the ducks at Lake Balboa

2:30pm Boba, except I didn't get Boba in mine because they ran out... WTH!

5:00pm ready for a run. loving the weather but hating the wind. so I choose the treadmill instead

7:30pm movie and popcorn

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  1. I love breakfast and blogs! It might be my favorite part of the day! This looks like a really nice day!

  2. I love the breakfast/blogging photo - it looks divine! And this day in photos idea is pretty awesome - except I'd have to pick a really eventful day which doesn't come too often :P

  3. such a nice day! we have fed those same balboa ducks many many times :)