Monday, April 22, 2013


1. Do you ever feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? I have, and I can't wait to plan a "real" vacation soon.

2. Hopefully the next place we stay offers free WiFi. I was disconnected from all social media the last 3 days... $13 per day for WiFi, ummm... no thanks. It was kind of weird and kind of nice.
3. This past weekend while in Vegas there was a point that I was sandwiched between my husband and babe at night, and they were both snuggling me like I was a body pillow. I have never felt so smothered and so loved at the same time.

4. Do you live near a Hobby Lobby? I don't. And every time someone mentions a Hobby Lobby I think to myself "I wish there was one near me". On the way to Vegas I just so happen to spot one off the freeway. I told my husband "we HAVE to stop there on the way back home". So yesterday we start our drive home and my husband asks if I still want to stop... I had forgotten about it but immediately got excited again. As we get closer to the exit I can CLEARLY see from the freeway that it's CLOSED!! Yeah, all stores closed "every" Sunday... just my luck!

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