Friday, April 5, 2013

display a peacock feather

Who is ready for the first weekend of April? Me?! Not so much. This month is going to be CRAZY... which means I might be feeling a little CRAZY. As much as I'm dreading all of the things I need to do this month, I'm also looking forward to it... 2 weddings and too many birthdays to think about. But 2 of the birthdays are those of my #1 babe and my husband.

So while I'm busy organizing, cleaning and preparing for too many things to list, I want to leave you this week with a semi-simple project that you should try this weekend. All you need is an empty, pretty shaped wine bottle and a peacock feather.
I think the pictures are pretty self explanatory, but the reason I say "semi" simple is because I didn't realize how hard it would be to put the feather in the bottle without bending it. So I took a piece of paper, cut in half long ways, rolled it very tightly around a pencil to get the initial shape and then wrapped it around the feather. BUT once I slid it in the bottle, it took me like 10 minutes to slide tear the paper apart... little by little, out of the bottle.

It was worth it though! So go drink some yummy wine and display a pretty feather in it.
I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. oh wow! this looks great! such a good idea! :)
    Thanks for sharing! :) X

  2. We have so many empty wine bottles in our apartment that we've been saving to display... I would have never thought of this! Thanks for the inspiration!