Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Minty... Mint Tee... get it?! Well I laughed. I have to admit, I don't wear bright colors often, but with last weeks coral and this weeks mint, I'm on a roll with the bright spring colors.

Can we talk about the color mint for a minute.
A few years ago, before the color was SUPER popular, I spotted the prettiest light-weight, light mint, zippered hoodie. I was so drawn to the color and snatched it up for a trip I was planning to N.C.  And then when I got there and wore it, my best friend's husband said it looked like a grandma color?! Yeah Monica, I'm talking about your husband. Anyway, I laughed, like a "what the heck" "does it really" kind of laugh. I'm happy to say I did not give up on mint and to this day, that sweater is one of my favorites (not pictured).

Isn't that bracelet pretty! My cousin made it for a class and she said it reminded her of me and she knew that I would wear it. She is right, I love it!

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  1. hey! what a lovely top and a bracelet! :) looks so good! :)
    you know.. somehow you remind me of Norah Jones! :) take it as a compliment, as I think that she's very beautiful! :P

  2. That is the story of my life. I'm always a couple years a head of a trend, which is uncool in high school, I might add. Do you visit NC much?

  3. I looove this top!! You have the best style, girl :)

  4. Love the outfit!! And the braclet, totally not a grandma type, although I've been told I have some grandma-ish things haha.

  5. Keep going with the bright colors,they are so fun for spring! That bracelet is so pretty!

  6. LOVE this shirt and jewelry! SO pretty! And can we also chat for a sec about that lovely little tattoo on your back?! I'm about to stop being a baby and get my first one - So pretty!!