Thursday, April 25, 2013

babe's 4th b-day

I love planning parties! And there is no one in the world I love planning for more than my babe... ok, and myself. But this is about babe. It was decided months ago that we would skip a party this year for so many reasons:
1. we already had every weekend in April planned 2. we would rather spend money on something towards the house  (parties can get pricey and I have been waiting for a full length mirror in my room!) 3. I have already started planning his 5th birthday because 5 is a big deal and I'm gonna make it a big deal.

But then this conversation happened the day after his birthday (on a Monday):
babe: mom, am I 4 now?
me: yes, your birthday was yesterday.
babe: (running to the window) is it here?
me: is what here?
babe: my birthday!
me: what are you expecting to be here for your birthday?
babe: presents and cake

and then I started crying.
(btw, I feel like I read a similar post last month sometime. kids are so similar at certain ages)

And so after I hugged, kissed and told him how much I loved him I got on FB and messaged all my family members to see who could come over for dinner "that" Wednesday. Yup, I planned a party in 48 hours.

I kept things as simple as possible:
I used cups, forks, napkins and some heart plates I already had.
In the goodie bags - fruit snacks, ritz crackers, 3 chocolates and 5 hard candies.
I even had the cupcake mix and frosting.
I bought - bubbles, punching balloons and a few plastic Dino's from the dollar tree as decor.
We ate - chicken, rice beans, chips and salsa.

And even though I was stressed to the max (not because of the party but because of everything else going on this month), it was so worth this one perfect moment...
love you babe!


  1. Happy Birthday baby boy!
    lovely photos! :)

  2. So sweet. Happy birthday to your baby!

  3. How sweet. He is a cutie. My little boy will be 3 in a couple weeks, so I am in party planning mode.

  4. such a cut boy, happy belated birthday!