Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Shorts are kind of weird, or maybe because I'm short, I think they look weird on me. As I mentioned last week, I would much rather wear a dress. But sometimes when you are hanging out with a 4 year old who wants to run and play, you just gotta wear the shorts.

These cute red one's are at H&M for $7. They got wrinkly fast but for $7, I'm ok with that, besides... who irons anyway?! Oh yeah, I have a thing against ironing. Ever since I was 16 and ruined a brand new top that I had bought with my own money. I remember I cried and my mom was like "it's just a shirt", and I was like "But it was NEW. And I paid for it". Funny how you care about things so much more when you work for it. I'm getting way off "outfit" topic here, sorry.
back to my simple, casual weekend outfit... stripes, cherries and boat shoes.
 shirt and shorts: h&m // shoes: payless // necklace: XXI
I really love these shoes but kind of wish I had a more fun color,
I don't know what I was thinking picking grey, especially since I have grey Converse already.
But then again... grey goes with everything!


  1. I think gray is a great color choice! I love the shoes and those shorts look awesome on you :)

  2. Cute shoes!! I've been looking for a good pair of boat shoes. This whole outfit looks perfect for the long weekend ahead!

  3. $7 for an adorable pair of shorts? What a win!! I have almost the same cherry necklace :) Love it all!