Wednesday, May 1, 2013

a date outfit & necklaces

Yeah, me and my husband actually got to go on a dinner date for his birthday last week. I don't remember the last time just the two of us went somewhere nice to eat, actually... I think it might have been last year for his birthday. So guess his birthdays are officially our dinner date night's. In all honesty this dinner date was planned super last minute, and I just so happen to be wearing a cute outfit that day to work. But instead of the skirt I was wearing jeans. Much better with a skirt.

I have been on a necklace binge lately! I just keep finding really great deals on really good sized necklaces, I can't resist. Have you seen the mini bubble necklaces?! Adorable right! So last week Merrick from Merricks Art was hosting a giveaway for the mini bubble necklace and had a code for 10% off. So I enter the giveaway and head over to D.P.D to find out they are only $5 each, plus the 10% discount, plus FREE shipping... um, so I ordered 2.
And now I wish I had ordered all 5 colors. I wonder if I could use the code again.


  1. Love the outfit and looove all of the fun necklaces! I'm wearing my bubble necklace today and I swear I wish I could wear it more often! Too bad it's super noticeable if I wear it with every outfit, ha!

    Clearly I just need to get more fun necklaces :)

  2. I stopped over because I love the pink necklace with your outfit. I may have to pick up one of those bubble necklaces - what a great deal! Thanks for sharing!