Sunday, May 5, 2013

cinco de mayo or just because

I have been craving enchiladas lately and so my husband had the brilliant idea of having them for cinco de mayo. I quickly agreed and said that I would make a cake too!

Babe was so excited about the cake and even more excited that I let him add the sprinkles. We had the best time decorating the sides, because we threw the sprinkles at the cake. I think he missed a few times on purpose because afterwards he so conveniently said he had to eat the sprinkles that didn't make it on.

I saw this cake on Pinterest just a few days ago and was SO excited to give it a shot. Once I cut it open babe was way more interested in the candy and wanted nothing to do with the cake. (btw, from one box I made 18 cupcakes and this little cake. which was the perfect size for 4 people)


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