Tuesday, May 21, 2013

diaper cake game

Out of all the party planning I love doing, I think a baby shower is the most fun to plan. Everything is so cute and fun... from the decor, gifts, and games. I'm always trying to think of ways I can make multiple uses out of one thing, especially when it comes to party decor. Diaper Cakes are SO cute and fun to make (am I allowed to say "cute and fun" more than once?!) For a previous baby shower I planned I made one and attached a "gift" sign on top for the gift table.

I was trying to think of another way I could use a Diaper Cake (other than as the gift) and I was thinking it would be really great to use it as a game. I remember attending a wedding a very long time ago where they had charms with a ribbon, in the cake. Each girl (in the wedding party) pulled a charm and whoever got the ring was next to get married (you know, instead of the bouquet toss).

So... I thought, why not do the same thing with the a Diaper cake?! 
This would especially work great for a small shower because you can make let's say 4 of these cakes, use them as centerpieces and have each person at the table pull a ribbon, and whoever gets the baby feet (in this case), gets a little gift. And the mom gets to keep all the diapers for the baby.

Diaper Cakes can be as elaborate (with bottles, lotions, onesies, etc. tucked inside) or as simple (with JUST diapers). I threw this simple one together with just about 20 diapers and slipped 4 pacifier cut-outs and 1 baby feet cut-out inside (you can see the ribbon sticking out). If you make a simple cake I would definitely use a much thicker ribbon so that it looks a lot cuter and I would also tie the ribbon from the die-cut into a bow (but these were pre-made and that knot was tight). 
So, I'm pretty sure I just invented a baby shower game... I actually tried to google it and didn't find anything similar. I really just want to say I thought of something first ... ha ha... But did I?

Thoughts on Diaper Cakes... and the game?

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