Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Day

Happy Mothers Day to all the mama's! I hope everyone had an amazing day... even if you aren't a mom. I woke up this morning to my husband asking if I wanted Cinnabon or Waffles, I was like "homemade waffles?", he said "Yeeahh".  So as he made waffles for breakfast my son walks into the bedroom holding something behind his back. I asked him what he had and he held up one hand for me to stop, and this was our conversation next:
babe: wait, stay there.... Happy Mother's Day mom
me: awww.... thank you babe
babe: close your eyes
me: ok (closing my eyes)
babe: ok, now open this
I open my eyes to see a cute little box with a bird on it... love, and a locket inside... LOVE!!
My husband came in afterwards to give me a remote for my Canon, now I don't have to run back and forth with my timer.

After breakfast I got ready to go visit my mom. We saw The Great Gatsby, which I absolutely loved, and ate lunch at an Italian restaurant called Giovanni's. We have only been there about 4 times and every time we order the SAME thing. I always want to try something different but their sandwiches are ridiculously delish! And the people are always SO super nice, they even gave all the moms carnations.

We did some power shopping before she had to start work and I grabbed a caramel ribbon crunch frappuccino before I headed home (can you believe it was the only one I got the whole time happy hour frapps were being offered!).  When I got home my husband made Salmon with mango salsa.

I say it was an amazing day, and I think my tummy agrees. I REALLY need to start up my running again, I have been slacking off so much because I have been sick, but I think it's time. So here's to a new week. I hope you have a good one!
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  1. I want to see that so bad, was it good? Sounds like a fabulous day, I'm glad they treated you on your day:)