Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thanks to my Husband

A couple of weeks ago I "attempted " to hang some hooks for my rolls of wrapping paper and completely failed! The walls we live within are over 50 years old and as hard as concrete. But thanks to my husband ... I now have wrapping paper hanging in my craft closet:

These little suckers only cost $1 each. I think I have room to add one more (I know I definitely have more wrapping paper!)

Guess who has 4 new tires AND a shiny clean car?! My car is almost 8 years old but it feels brand new right now! Since I got a flat tire, we decided it was time to change all of my tires. I am so lazy when it comes to cleaning my car and it was really starting to show on the inside, with a few dust bunnies here and there. My husband thought I didn't notice he cleaned it but of course I DID...I know I didn't clean it.

You might think "what's the big deal, he's handling car issues", BUT my husband HATES my car! I bought it before we were married and the first time he drove it, he hit a curb and ruined my BRAND NEW rim. I was so mad and he hated it from that point forward. (although, after he got the new tires on and cleaned it, he admitted it was kind of nice).

For the past 3 Halloweens I have enjoyed making some part of my Babes costumes. (my favorite was this "Sparrow" Baby, that's a male fairy. I mean, how cute are his wings?!)

But this year my husband got super creative and made him an awesome boom box to go with his DJ Lance Rock costume.


  1. That is a neat way to store wrapping paper! I always end up folding or crushing mine.

  2. Wow! What a great idea for wrapping looks so artsy and keeps it from becoming crushed. Also...I love the boom box! Happy Friday =)

  3. Hi, Sarah! Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog and for following! So happy you are enjoying it.

    What a creative way to store wrapping paper! I would've never thought of that. Your boy is way too adorable!

  4. Changing car tires isn’t based on the tire’s age; it’s based on its tread patterns. Do you know the penny test? Place it upside-down, with Lincoln facing you. If you can see the very top of Lincoln’s head or the copper above it, do not hesitate and get your tires replaced immediately.

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