Monday, November 12, 2012


1. I left my house almost an hour later than I normally do! And yet I got to work only 10 minutes later. Then I realized, oh Veteran's Day. So even though I don't get the day off, at least I can enjoy a day of traffic free commute.
2. I'm no Gardener, so since when do Roses bloom during the Fall?! I was super surprised to see this the other day as I drove up the driveway after work.
3. The girl I bought my straightener from this weekend couldn't believe I was Married AND had a kid. I said "and I bet I'm even older than you!". I hope I always look a lot younger than really I am.
4. And since I'm on the subject of my age, I have decided I'm going to have a big birthday party for myself come February (yes that's still a few months away) but I'm excited! I remember in 2009 when we first tried looking for a house, I called my cousin (a realtor) and said "we want to buy a house and I want to be able to celebrate my birthday dancing in it. So we have 6 months", well ... 3 months later we gave up because we were having ZERO luck. So now that we have our house, I am going to have a big party and dance my butt off!
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  1. What a beautiful rose!! I loved yellow too.

    Blessings to you...♥

  2. That rose is lovely!! I can't believe it bloomed this late!! hahaha...yes! Dance party!!!

  3. That's a gorgeous rose. I a so jealous you can grow things. I am cursed with a black thumb. Ps- jus wanted to make sure you knew that you're a no- reply commenter!

    1. I still can't believe that rose bloomed and we don't even water that bush because it's in a really weird spot between our concrete. I "think" I might have fixed my no-reply (crossing my fingers!)

  4. wow what a gorgeous rose!! too bad you can't have that kind of commute every day how nice that would be!

  5. Aww,your bday is in February, I'm a February girl as well! I hope you can celebrate your day in your new house, will keep fingers closed :)
    Abi K

  6. I love a big party celebration! PAAARTY! You can start the planning now, so fun.

  7. I´ve never seen roses bloom in fall but this is really pretty <3