Thursday, November 8, 2012

3 Projects in 30 minutes

...And it only cost $2! I have been on the hunt for the PERFECT mirror for my vanity since February. Needless to say, I have not come across that perfect mirror. So I decided to go to the dollar tree and pick up something temporary. They had one style of a framed mirror BUT it didn't have one of those little kick-stands in the back for it to stand on it's own ... so I picked a different frame and quickly thought of 2 different projects I could make with the leftover pieces.
This is what I bought: (picture on the left)
These are the supplies I had on hand: (picture on the right) Glue Gun, Scissors, paint (in Vintage Gold), Black Ribbon and other various ribbon (btw, I did not end up using the pink ribbon pictured. I was still undecided at this point)
  • First I took everything apart. Remove the glass part from the picture frame and remove the tape that holds the mirror to the frame.
  • Plug in the glue gun!

Project #1: Vanity Mirror
1a. I painted one very light coat of the gold paint over the picture frame,  and a 2nd coat only over the area that was black. Let dry while creating project 2.
1b. Add the mirror and back ... all done!

Project #2: Dry Erase Board
2a. Cut 2 strips of Black Ribbon (mine were approximately 35" long)
2b. Lay down the ribbon, Lay the glass piece on top of the ribbon, with appox. 1" sticking out on the top.
2c. Put glue on the piece of 1" ribbon and fold over to meet the glass.
2d. Wrap the ribbon around the entire glass piece to come back up to the piece you just glued and glue the ribbon together. Repeat on the opposite side.
2e. Bring the 2 strips of ribbon together and tie in a bow ... all done!
I wish I had some fancy Black letter stickers but until I find some I just printed on plain white paper and stuck it behind the glass. I have to be honest ... I have NO idea how long this glue is going to hold this piece of glass, it's pretty light weight BUT I'm still a little worried.

Project #3: Earring Holder
3a. Take the other frame and mark it where you want your ribbons to run across. I wanted to add 5 ribbons and tried to space them as evenly as possible.
3b. Glue each ribbon at the location's you marked.
3c. Add earrings ...all done!
(I think I might go back and lay/glue ribbon along the back of the frame just to make it look a little neater)

I'm really excited about the finished products. Super simple, quick and functional. What simple projects have you completed lately?


  1. Cute DIY projects!!! Thanks for sharing =) it's always fun trying to find a way to display cute earrings.

  2. Fun!! The mirror is def my favorite...such a good idea :)

    Happy weekend!! Get the chance to sounds as though you need it after your busy day!!

  3. They turned out very cute. What a good way to keep earrings at sight!
    Abi K

  4. that's super impressive! I love the menu list... so cute :) Have a great weekend!

    xoxo, Amy

    I'm hosting my 1000th post party, love for you to come!

  5. This is brilliant! Love your quick and easy (and super thrifty!) projects! They would all be great Christmas gifts too... Hope you're enjoying your weekend Sarah!

    1. Thanks Kristin! I agree, they would be great little gift's. Enjoy your Sunday!

  6. It's about time I made one of those earring frame holders.. seriously! So cute!

    1. You definitely should! Pretty sure I've seen you sport quite a few cute earrings on your blog :)

  7. Great DIYs! The framed mirror looks really good.

  8. Awesome DIY!! I gotta do that!

    xo Emily

  9. i love DIY projects :) these are really nice