Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Babe

The past few days without you at home have been the saddest days of my life. For the past 2 weeks you and your dad have been helping at grandpa's house and have only been back at home a few times. This past Monday as I was getting ready for work and you guys were getting ready to head back to A.V., you clung to me for a full 30 minutes, just wanting me to hold you and sing to you. I asked if you wanted mini pancakes and you said yes. As we were standing in the kitchen you asked (with the saddest look on your face) "mama, am I leaving". I said "Yes". You said "but I don't want to. I want you to stay with me". I started crying and held you so tight. I didn't want you to leave either but I tried to give you some words of encouragement, I told you that you would "have so much fun with auntie Ceci and snakey and aeris". I gave you your pancakes to go and told you how much I Love You and how much I was going to Miss you. I cried every time I thought about you that day, and the day after and even now as I'm writing this. It breaks my heart that you are not at the door, excited to open it for me when I get home from work.
You are a huge part of my heart and I Love you so much more than all the words I can write.


  1. what a sweet post, I can see how much love you have for him. Aww, I hope you guys are reunited soon.
    Abi K

    1. Thanks Abi! me too, crossing my fingers for tomorrow.

  2. so sweet! i love reading about families. makes my heart melt. i hope you can see him again soon! <3

  3. The poor baby...and you. Hope this is only temporary arrangement and you'll be reunited soon

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  5. This is such a great post. I love how he may read this later on and realize how much you guys love each other!

    New follower :)