Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I have a few fears, some tiny and some big. I'm sure a lot of people fear at least one thing ... yes, no?! I think I have only known one person in my life who fears nothing, and I have to admit I'm a little envious of a person who takes all risks and just lives!
Here are a few things I fear.
  • Insects - since having a kid, I have had to grow out of the fear of killing them when spotted inside the house. But when they are bigger than a quarter and fatter than a piece of thread I just get chills, and don't get me started on their webs! Flying insects, come on, who wants something flying in their face and "possibly" biting you.
  • Falling - from wearing the wrong shoes or slipping or off a ladder, or a roof. yes, that happened to me when I was 11.
  • Running out of gas - sometimes I really gamble with this one. If I forget to get gas during my lunch break I will risk driving all the way home because once I get off of work, I just want to drive straight home and the gas station is out of the way. But if traffic is really bad I start to panic, my heart will literally start racing and I will feel anxiety. I have never run out gas...yet.
  • Getting lost (this one is actually borderline tiny/big) - I need DETAILED directions. If I am driving in an unfamiliar area I am gripping the steering wheel so tight (as if that is going to make it any better) and again:  my heart will literally start racing and I will feel anxiety.
  • A tree falling on my house - ever since since I was 16 I have lived in 3 houses (including my current house) that have HUGE old trees in the yard. I'm seriously terrified that one day a tree is going to crush a portion of the house I live in.
  • Dying from a Fire or Freezing to death - complete opposites but I really hope that neither of these things ever happens to me.
  • And my biggest fear of them all...
  • Drowning - when I was younger, about 4 or 5, we were at the beach, I was playing with my cousins, I somehow got pushed (or fell) into the water. I couldn't get up and I was choking on the water and it basically scared me for life. I didn't learn how to swim until I was 14 and even now I don't/can't swim under water. I don't care for pools or the beach (clarification, the ocean) and I worry that it will affect my son. I try to get excited about him swimming and being in the water but deep down inside I'm so paranoid. And have you heard of "dry drowning"?! look it up (or don't) scary!

"the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" - Franklin D. Roosevelt

What is your biggest fear?


  1. My biggest fear is something happening to my daughter. I FEAR strangers. I don't want them any where near her. It is going to be hard to allow her to go off on her own later in life.

    Love this post. New follower.

    1. I think that's definitely a given fear with every parent..... you are not alone! Thanks for following! I'm your newest GFC follower.

  2. ahh, fears. I definitely have several. As much as I love the ocean, for some reason its vastness really scares me. So drowning is pretty much my biggest fear :(
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Abi K