Friday, October 5, 2012

Feeling Lost ...

... but just a tiny bit. I think it's one, or all of the following reasons:
  • I haven't been feeling very well since Wed., even stayed home from work yesterday, so there is some of that still lingering.
  • This morning I left the house without saying goodbye to my boys, which isn't so bad considering I leave before they wake up, but I totally forgot that they wouldn't be home when I got here.
  • My BFF sent me some pictures of her daughter and it made me sad to see how big she is getting so fast, and sad that I can't see them more often. (But also happy that they are doing good).
  • During lunch I bought some hook things to hang in our spare closet so I can "hang" my wrapping paper (exciting I know!). So the first thing I did was bust out the screw driver and measure/mark everything out on the wall. And guess who is too weak to screw in a screw?! Yeah, FAIL!
Im looking forward to this day being over and my weekend to start

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