Wednesday, October 9, 2013

purple monster

Growing up I hated the color pink. I hated the little pink dresses, pink bows, pink ribbons, pink lace... I hated pink. So If I was ever given an option between pink and purple, I always picked purple. I wouldn't go as far as saying it was my favorite color but anything was better than pink, and my birthstone is an amethyst.
A few years ago for a wedding I had bought a purple dress. When I told my cousin what color I bought, she said "so your going to be a purple monster?!" and laughed. I gave her a funny look and asked what she meant by it and she said "oh, it's just what I think of when people wear purple". So every time I wear purple, I think of that comment and second guess the color.

However, I realize that I have worn purple quite a bit in the past few weeks and have decided the color is gorgeous and definitely doesn't make me look like a monster. What is the most random comment someone has made to you?

p.s. I have long gotten over my pink phobia.

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  1. I'm a big fan of purple...I had purple hair at one point! That shade of purple looks great on you!

  2. love purple. my littlest feels the same as you do- not a fan of pink anything but loves loves purple.
    purple looks great on you with your skin tone by the way.
    happy thursday girl-it's almost friday!! yaya!

  3. I was the same way! I refused to wear pink! I love this whole outfit! It looks so comfy!

  4. Iàm definetily no "pruple person" but you definetily can wear it ! so you make a real good purple monster:)