Saturday, October 5, 2013

a few favorites

Can you believe it has been almost a month since I wrote a favorites post?! It seems impossible to me since I really enjoy jotting things down during the week to share with you all on Saturday, but somehow every Saturday just seems to pass me by.

Babe had picture day on Thursday. I can't wait to see his VERY 1st official school picture. I might cry.

Lately I have been listening to A LOT of Britney. In case you missed it: I'm going to see her in Vegas and I couldn't be more excited. Countdown - 4 months 7 days!
I came across this blog a few weeks ago called "Surviving and Thriving in the first year of my Divorce". On one hand, a divorce is tough for anyone. On the other hand, this girl's story is so interesting to read through, she can seriously write a book.
Merrick shared this pinterest board that her SIL came across and I can not stop laughing at the commentary. I haven't had a chance to look at this lady's blog but I'm so curious to know if there is some random story behind the board when she created it or what?! I mean she has a book coming out. I don't even know if this stuff is meant to be funny (obviously it is), it definitely makes me laugh. Seriously, you should spend your morning reading through it.
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  1. OMG I LOVE BRITNEY! I don't care what anyone says, I used to be a teeny bopper and she was my girl haha. Definitely jealous of you going to see her! I watched her new video and she looks amazing. Good luck to your son in school and my god daughter just had her first school pictures too so I'm so excited to see them!

  2. Ahhh Britney!!! So much fun! I'm pretty jealous over here ;)

    Thanks for linking up!


  3. Aww, first official school picture! Also, I saw Merrick's post about that and laughed so hard!