Monday, October 7, 2013

a peaceful moment & simplicity

I had a whole post written about my weekend but then realized that I really only wanted to share my absolute favorite moment. It was late afternoon on Sunday. Babe was outside playing in the dirt (literally, drawing roads in the dirt with his finger!) My husband and I were on the couch (him on his Ipad, me laying down), with the doors open. The sun was shining through with just the perfect amount of light, the air flowing through the living room was so relaxing, the neighborhood was SO quiet... no birds, no barking, not even babe running around screaming. It was surreal and peaceful, and for just a few minutes I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I DON"T sleep during the day, ever... (ok, maybe once a year) and only during moments like this one. When the world is so silent and I have absolutely nothing on my list that has to be done at that very moment. I wish all weekend's had at least one moment like this. Quiet, Peaceful... Simple.

I'm not superstitious but I think this fortune is trying to tell me something. It's definitely a reminder that there is less than 3 months in the year and one of my new year resolutions was to live a more simple life. As hard as I have tried, I just don't feel like I have come even close to being satisfied with this goal. The good things is I still have some time. So I plan on making a list of the things I really want to simplify and hopefully cross a few off before 2014.
Any suggestions/advice?
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  1. The first thing that comes to mind is saying no. Sometimes we have to say no to good things in order to slow down and simplify. Whenever we say yes to one thing, we are saying no to another. You still have time girl, at least three months! :)

  2. Sounds wonderful!! I love these moments!!

  3. so true can so much realte to this! many greetings from far, noni:)!