Tuesday, October 29, 2013

i ran a 10k...

...and it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. How the heck do people run marathon's?! It seems so impossible.
I had trained for about 8 weeks, never really running more than 2 or 3 miles, that might have been a mistake. Another mistake... running after NOT running at all for almost a week and a half because I was sick. And the 3rd mistake... running after not really getting over being sick.

My SIL drove me and my husband to a park over 6 miles away from our house. We stretched a little and then headed towards the sun setting (yeah, didn't do the sunrise run that I had planned). The first few miles seemed like a never ending path between the LA River and a Golf course. And once we made it to the streets, where street names were looking familiar, my husband pointed out that it would probably go a lot quicker. But then I "all of a sudden" kept getting this weird bubbly feeling in my throat, that felt kind of burning when it "popped" but not really popped... I can't explain it. But my husband knew what I was saying and he said "heartburn, silly". WTF, at of ALL the moments in my life to experience heartburn?! I seriously have never felt that before and it sucked.

Once we got close to mile 5 I was pretty sure I couldn't make it home. But my husband kept running and it was getting dark and I did NOT want to be so far behind him that someone would kidnap me... you never know. And 1 hour and 18 min after we started, we made it to our stopping point. When we got home I noticed a sign on the door that said Congratulations and I love? you! And when we opened the door to go inside my SIL and babe were standing and clapping. It was seriously the cutest, sweetest moment and so worth the 6.3 mile run. Of course the cause was also very worth the run as well. They must have known that I kept my commitment to run on/or before Oct. 27th and the next day they sent me my tote, with a few extra goodies.

I have to say that running is one of favorite exercises (which hasn't always been the case) but I will definitely be sticking to shorter distances in the future.

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