Wednesday, October 2, 2013

i heart scarves

I have a slight obsession with the pretty pieces of fabric that keep my neck warm and cozy during the colder temp's. Between buying them myself, receiving them as gifts or having my mom make them for me... I have well over 30 scarves! (and that's after getting rid of some when we moved). I have one of those really cute scarf hangers but it only holds 15! I think I might have to do another purge so that they are not just piled up in a basket in the corner of my room.

 scarf: swap gift from Amy // top: Q // jeans: h&m // boots: ross
 (btw, I hate that it's getting dark earlier. I had to use a flash for my picture's *sad face*.
my husband thinks it's so weird that I hate the flash on a camera)

The best thing about scarves is that it makes a pretty boring outfit seem a little more put together, or is it just me thinking this outfit doesn't look as boring with a scarf around my neck?

a quick scarf tip...

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  1. "why don't you just get more scarf hangers?"_Nicole

  2. Aww so many pretty scarfs. I love scarfs too. And I just felt in love with your boots. They are super cute. Visiting from pleated poppy link-up.

    have a lovely day

  3. I LOVE that you knotted the ends of your scarf, what a fun idea! And your scarf collection is amazing:)