Saturday, October 19, 2013

a few favorites

This week hasn't been the best because I "all of sudden" came down with cold on Tuesday night. I stayed home from work the rest of the week and so you can imagine there's not much that happened during my week to be favorite "noteworthy".... oh except for the fact that, even though I had a cold, I was able to pick up babe from pre-k all week. It's SO fun getting to see him right after class because he voluntarily points out his project's and tells me what he did for the past 2.5 hours..

- in case you missed it... I did make this super awesome skirt, which I can't wait to wear in public, not just my backyard.

- also, my favorite food is French Fries...
can you guess how excited I was to find this jumbo eye pencil called "French Fries", SO excited. Not only is the name perfect but it's the perfect color that I have been searching for, a bronze brown (which was why I had even picked it up to begin with).

What is your favorite thing this week?
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1 comment:

  1. Haha what a cute name! I love it. And I mean, who DOESN'T like french fries, right?! :)

    Thanks for linking up!!