Thursday, July 18, 2013

meet my husband ... round 1 & 2

I saw this super cute linkup hosted by Mal Smiles and was excited to ask my husband a few questions for the boys behind the blog. I missed the first round but wanted to ask the questions anyway.

round 1:

1. Does your wife use your real name or a nickname on her blog?
Does "Husband" count?!
2. If you had a blog, what would the title be?
Life of a stay at home dad
3. Do you ever feel ignored by her because of the blog?
Ignored? sometimes (btw, he "assumes" when I am on the computer, I'm on my blog. That is SO false)
4. How has her blog changed or evolved throughout your relationship?
got scared when she said she was going to blog everyday in May.
5. What is your favorite post on her blog?
the one's about me.

round 2:

1. What celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?
Jay Hernandez (from crazy beautiful/ Nashville... anyone?!)

2. What is your dream car?
BMW 7 series

3. Do you have any tattoos? What, where, why?

4. Boxers or briefs?
they are boxer briefs

5. List 3 random facts about yourself...
*I try to DIY everything. And it's DIM for "Do It Myself". (have you seen our bathroom?! he's pretty handy)
*I went to 3 high school's in 3 completely different areas.
*it's very difficult for me to gain weight with or without exercise. (oh, thanks for rubbing that in my face after I'm sweating from cardio and crunches)

Thanks for answering questions for my blog "husband"! 
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