Wednesday, July 31, 2013

dressed up in a peplum

believe it or not... sometimes I actually like to dress up for work. It's rare though. I sit in a cubicle all day long, I don't meet with clients and rarely attend meetings. So most mornings I open my closet with every intention of wearing something a little more "dressed up" only to end up reaching for a pair of worn out jeans and cardigan. I have noticed that I have so many cute tops that I "save" for some special occasion or "save" until the weather is right but I really need to start getting some use out of the stuff I buy. Take this top for example... I bought it almost 3 months ago for only $7, and only wore it one other time when we out for a karaoke night. So I decided to wear it to work.

top: Q // pants: h&m // shoes: payless
The first person I saw in the office asked if I had a date... I said "yeah! with work", and he laughed. But is it sign that my jeans and cardigan are sloppy... Nah, but it's definitely nice to look a little more presentable and have people notice.

BTW, can we all get together and tell my husband how ugly that wheel barrel and pile of rocks make my pictures look?! He doesn't believe me. I usually try to stand in a spot where I "think" I'm covering one of them but I always fail.

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