Friday, July 12, 2013

a few favorites

I know I have been a little MIA from my blog but I have been focusing so much on work lately that I just don't feel like doing anything else. I'm pretty excited to share a few favorite things from this week though...

*like this ruffled jersey knit maxi from forever 21.
My mission this weekend is to find it in store.

*I watched Despicable Me and I can't get enough of this line (the first 4 seconds of the clip). 
I NEED to see the second one soon.

*this week I learned that babe is a hustler... in the game Othello.
*I feel like I'm cheating on this next favorite (because I've been obsessing over it for weeks)
but "I don't care, I love it"
(btw, I just found out my husband hates that line)
The Neighbourhood "Baby Came Home"  ... love this song!
*and finally... my hard work has paid off. I finally got a decent raise (which hasn't happened in a while because of that little thing called economy?!) and a bonus.
I have been crossing my fingers that I haven't been overworking myself and taking on extra responsibility for no reason. I know that everyone appreciates what I do, but after a while the words are just words and I believe I deserve more than that.
I mean that's why most of us work right... which of course is so sad but so true.
Which reminds me of The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony, 
it drives my mind crazy when he says "your a slave to money than you die". 
think about that for a second, and then enjoy your weekend to the absolute fullest.
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  1. Despicable Me (1 and 2) have quickly become my favorite movies. We just saw the second one and I really think we may go see it again with the rest of the kids.

    Congratulations on the raise!!

  2. Hey girl! Your link up did work with my post, as well! :) Just thought I'd let you know, since you commented that it wasn't working? It did! Also, YAY for a raise!!! Congrats! That's awesome!


  3. Despicable Me 2 is so funny! And congrats on the raise! :)