Monday, July 1, 2013

weekend : traffic, concert tix's & the beach!

I have been loving my weekends that have no plans. My husband on the other hand said he feels lost when we don't have anything planned for the weekend, I was like "I love it because it means we can literally wake up and do ANYTHING our hearts desire".

This past Saturday as I ate breakfast my husband was browsing some up-coming concerts and saw one he was interested in. He was like "if we drive to the box office in Hollywood before 2:00pm we can avoid the $9(per ticket) fee online"... so we got dressed, headed to Hollywood and headed right back in suckie traffic. It was over 100 degrees this weekend so besides going out to lunch, we spent the rest of the day inside.

On Sunday we headed to the beach... again in traffic! By the time we got there AND found parking (almost 2 hours after leaving the house) we were anxious to get settled and relax. 

I took a TON of pictures of my husband and babe out in the water and a few of babe playing in the sand but other than that I pretty much just tried to enjoy being there. Babe had a BLAST and we are definitely looking forward to many beach trips this summer.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!
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  1. I agree I love weekends with no plans and the feeling of waking up being able to relax and being able to do whatever impromptu thing you want! Oh the beach looks amazing! Ugh to the traffic though!

  2. No better Saturdays than lazy Saturdays !